Interview with asking questions, finding answers

Interview with asking questions, finding answers: answers

Hilde knows:

Now that we've started to introduce the best home improvement blogs, it's time to explore other interesting sites that are not primarily home improvement-related, but are highly recommended. For example, there are the whole guide pages. If you like to home and do it yourself, you can get the right information from the internet on your own. Therefore, we believe that in the WWW one or the other great guide in the bookmark list of a capable handyman belongs. We warmly welcome you to our new series: "The Best Guide Sites". Mama knows!

Anyone who knows how to use the Internet for themselves can do one thing above all else: obtain answers to many questions. And if you're still smart and take the opportunity, you can really set something up on the World Wide Web. For that matter, the makers of have shown that they have a knack for something like that. Or rather, a helping hand that has been able to successfully reach millions of Internet users. How did you do that exactly? Quite simply: They have asked the question to the idea and thus created a portal that is still one of the top web addresses for surfers seeking advice. We asked how it happened. Bernhard Finkbeiner gave us a nice insight into the development of

Just take a look and see for yourself, because many questions, the "Mutti" has an answer, are certainly interesting for DIYs and home improvement. is in the world of the guide pages now a veteran. Who does the portal primarily target and what exactly can the visitor experience there?
First and foremost, our portal is aimed at young people who have just moved out of their homes and do not even know how to cook spaghetti or operate a washing machine. But this original idea has developed a lot: Today, many experienced housewives share their latest tricks with us!

How did it actually start with this project? Was it already planned that it would one day become so big? was born out of a crazy idea. We did not know how to cook boiled potatoes - and after a call to Mutti it was clear that these questions had to be answered somewhere on the internet. Therefore, the site was initially intended as a pure hobby. That the site would be so big, I would not have dreamed in life.

Who actually comes from the many tips? Are you researching yourself or are your users helping you?
The basic idea was to involve the users right from the start. The tips come just about all from our readers. We organize the information and prepare you.

The community seems to be an important part of your portal. Do you have the impression that the idea of ​​Frag-Mutti, for example, in the forum has become independent and the users help each other and give tips?
Definitely! The community is an extremely important part of the site, because there you get help very quickly, even if the tips can not help. It is nice that the community is not just about the household, you get help in all situations!

Interview with asking questions, finding answers: answers

A strong portal and its strong community: will help without hesitation. Also in the forum is neatly the post.

Where many people come together to ask questions and seek answers, there are always misunderstandings, disagreements and finally quarrels. Do you have a lot of trouble with it and how do you handle it?
Of course there are some problems, but not very often. This is also part of virtual living together. We try to avoid these discrepancies by clear conditions of use. When it is clear what is allowed and what is not, it is easier for everyone to participate.

Do you have problems with spammers who secretly want to promote their own pages, projects and ideas?
Sure, they always exist. Luckily, it does not degenerate - our community can be trusted in the vast majority of cases

Are there any other projects on the net?
I am currently working on a consulting platform that will go online in September:

Do Frag Mum and Frag Dad still like each other?
Sure, of course!

What was the oddest question ever asked?
Since this question is very understandable for me, I found the following very strange: A grandmother asked me: How do I bring my 18 months old grandson to brush their teeth? Since I had to smile a lot, because it is a fight with my two-year-old daughter every morning and evening that she can brush her teeth from me...

How does the concept of Frag-Mutti work in the international linguistic area? Is the liveliness of similar to the German original?
Unfortunately not. I would like to be more popular, but in the English-speaking world we just were not the first ?

Where is the journey from Can you imagine doing that in 10 years?
I really hope that in 10 years I will be working on! The project is a lot of fun!

Thank you for the interview.

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