Invitation to a tour of our house

Welcome to my house! I just want to show you what we are dealing with over the next few weeks and months (... and years ???): A house with many rooms and numerous possibilities - an unfinished construction site that has now become home to our family is.

Part 1: The cellar

Just over two months ago, we moved here, there was still every single brushstroke of the upcoming renovation in front of us. An initially overwhelming impression of thousands of pending works awaited us, but meanwhile the thoughts are clearing and we have already completed a few steps. Let's start below.

The cellar - 7 rooms and many dreams

The basement of our 80s cottage is half underground, the other aboveground. Three rooms are designed as real living rooms, with normal windows and even the possibility to create your own door and a small garden. Here is once a holiday or guest apartment arise, with kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom is even already available and offers good starting points to spice it up to your heart's content.

The four other rooms are rather planned as utility rooms, they have lattice windows in light wells. The Wäschekeller is currently still taken by the Sibirinator, a downright fossil device, which I will introduce you to the video in more detail. We have converted a utility room in a coup d'état to the 2nd living room and vice cellar - because we simply needed some room for development very quickly.

A natural cellar with clay and gravel soil poses the challenge for the future of equipping it appropriately and making profitable use of it. Then there is a possible home technology and / or fitness cellar: an all-round successful range of possibilities, which we are pleased about, but at the same time it also drives us a little sweat on the forehead. Now just join me and enjoy how beautiful unfinished everything is. And remember: we have just moved in, have hardly any cabinets and real storage space, so it looks a bit phased... er... unclean...