Tinker iPhone Lantern

Crafting instructions for the high-tech lantern in the analog Martinsumzug

This is a wonderful suggestion for parents who have been busy with their children for months with the desire to own their own iPhone. Just make your kids an iPhone lantern! A beautiful example copy to do after we have discovered in the Twitter timeline at @Technikseed.

You need white paper or paperboard, transparency paper, watercolors, scissors and glue, and an electric lantern stick.

Step 1: Cut out the lantern template

Tinker iPhone Lantern: lantern

Tinker iPhone Lantern. This is the craft sheet.

You draw the rounded outlines of an iPhone on the cardboard and add the necessary fold. There are also recesses for the "display" made of transparent paper and the brand logo on the back. These are covered from behind with the transparency paper. In addition, cut strips for the side panels and equip with spikes, which can be glued together later.

Step 2: Glue the lantern together.

Tinker iPhone Lantern: lantern

The joining of front part, rear part and side parts.

Before gluing together, the transparency for the "display" will be painted with icons. In addition, the side panels get a "metallic look" from gray stripes. Simply dilute black paint with water and coat with a coarse brush in the longitudinal direction. After drying, the items can be glued together to form the finished lantern.

The finished iPhone lantern in full splendor

Tinker iPhone Lantern: iPhone

The brand logo is particularly effective.

The brand logo in focus

Here you can see the finished cell phone lantern in action on the St. Martin train.
So that the technical marvel is not endangered by medieval candle fire, of course, an electric lantern stick is used.

Tinker iPhone Lantern: Tinker

The front with the retina display. As you can see, the icons are already in the fashionable flat design of iOS7...

Current supplement

Tip: If you want to tinker with an iPhone 6 plus as a lantern, you should pay particular attention to enhanced anti-kink protection!

By the way: If you are looking for further inspiration for modern lanterns with motives from film, television and technology for the next Saint Martin's Feast, you will find it in the instruction manual for modern lanterns.

Images courtesy of the tech sloth
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