Iron drops in clothing: How to remove the stains?

Iron supplements have a strong coloring effect, which is especially evident when a drop of it gets on the clothes. The dark brown spots do not look very nice and they are very resistant to cleaning attempts. How to remove iron stains from textiles?

From grandmother's shelf: home remedies for iron stains

Especially when small children have to take iron drops, now and then an accident happens and a few drops reach the top or trousers. Therefore, it is recommended to equip the youngest with a bib before the medication and maybe even put a towel on the lap.

If something of the iron juice gets on the clothes, a handle on the kitchen shelf helps: lemon juice concentrate works relatively well against iron stains, but this remedy does not always remove the stain completely.

Anyone who quickly sprinkles a good portion of salt on the still damp spot has a good chance that the salt will extract the colored liquid from the fibers. If there is a residual stain left behind, the targeted bleaching in the sun often helps.

Chemical remedies for iron stains in clothing

Even modern chemistry has a lot to offer in this area, the substances on the drugstore in many cases even more effective than the old home remedies. Try it with the following products as pre-treatment before machine washing:

  • Treat the soiled clothing with a special fabric rust remover, well known brands such as Dr. med. Beckmann have a good offer in this area.
  • If it's white laundry, just use a bleach that will remove the stain and make the garment pure white again.

Tips & Tricks

Chemistry from the drugstore is of course not cheap. If you want to save money, try it first with low-cost products that are also easily available:
Use, for example, ascorbic acid from the pharmacy (vitamin C powder) with a few drops of water to foam the stain. Or, thoroughly rub the stain with gall soap before washing to remove almost any dirt.