The iron is dull: how does it slide better?

If the iron sticks to the surface and barely glides, a proper smoothing of the laundry is hardly possible anymore. The problem is usually the result of dirt or molten plastic remnants on the soleplate that needs to be removed. We have collected various methods for cleaning the iron.

The iron does not slide anymore: what's going on?

Sticky substances and burnt-on dirt prevent the iron from sliding smoothly over the laundry. This problem often occurs after too hot ironing of plastic fibers.

A second possible cause of contamination is that the iron has been stored horizontally on a dirty surface. The dirt then burns on the next use and provides a pappendes or hooking feeling when ironing.

With these methods, the blunt iron is smooth again

A blunt iron is smoothed out by a thorough cleaning: various remedies help you to clean the sole without scratching it. Here are the best methods:

  • Treat the lukewarm sole with oven spray, rub the substance with a rag and rinse it off after some time.
  • Use a ceramic and ceramic cleaning stone to clean the blunt soleplate. This material is placed on the cold surface with a damp cloth. Wash off after cleaning!
  • If it's mostly burnt limescale that blocks your iron from sliding over the laundry, just put the sole down on vinegar soaked kitchen towels for a while. Afterwards rub off well and wash off.
  • As an old home remedy, it is often recommended to use salt sprinkled with cotton, which is used to rub in the soleplate. However, this may also lead to scratches. Do not heat the iron so that the salt does not burn.
  • Toothpaste is considered a jack of all trades in hygiene products. Just try cleaning your iron with this remedy.

Tips & Tricks

Decalcify your iron regularly to extend its shelf life. Because the lime not only clogs channels and nozzles, it also causes damage in the longer term by decomposition.

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