The iron runs out? That may be it!

Steam irons often have their own quirks, especially some devices seem to be really incontinent. If the iron runs out, it can be for a variety of reasons, from a serious defect to the wrong treatment. Take a closer look at this problem with us, maybe you will find the solution here.

Steam iron loses water: what to do?

Some irons loses water from the beginning, other devices in turn are leaking after prolonged use. Not always there is a defect behind it, sometimes it is a pure misuse of use. The first question is: When exactly does the iron run out?

  • The iron runs out when not in use.
  • The appliance loses water at the beginning of the ironing process.
  • The water runs out when the ironing process is already advanced.

This information helps to narrow down the cause of the problem so that we can get closer to the solution. With luck, your iron will soon be usable again.

Iron runs out standing

A steam iron should always be stored in an empty state, most instructions for use contain a note. If a device filled with water is simply turned off, it will often leak.

The solution is very close: empty the iron tank after each use, heat the unit again and then set it down empty, then nothing can leak. This treatment also prevents the formation of mold and algae inside.

Iron runs out when ironing

If your iron runs out at the beginning of the ironing process, we recommend storing the device vertically and bringing it to operating temperature at rest. Thereafter, the iron should work properly, because the water is now dripping on the hot plate and evaporated.

If the iron runs out later in ironing, you should try it once with a thorough descaling. If there is no remedy, there is no alternative but to repair or dispose of the device.

Tips & Tricks

Ironing stations have a separate water tank, which is less prone to failure than the tank of a simple steam iron. Maybe your next device will look like this?

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