Iron rust - 3 unusual tips

No matter how well maintained your iron is, eventually it will rust. Even a light rust can eventually become a real problem for the structure of the iron. You should therefore always remove rust quickly. The first idea is of course the grinding of a workpiece. But it does not always have to be that difficult. Here are three simpler tricks to remove rust.

Vinegar and other acids

Both citric acid and vinegar rust iron very effectively. However, citric acid is significantly more expensive than vinegar, and therefore not necessarily recommended. If you use vinegar as a rust remover, be sure to rinse thoroughly with clean water later, otherwise your iron work will rust.

Subsequently, a high-quality rust protection must be applied to the iron. If you put an acid on the grate, toxic fumes are produced, which can be extremely dangerous to your health. You should therefore work outdoors and always have the garden hose ready to rinse off the acid.

Electricity as a rust converter

For most home improvement, this solution may not be appropriate, but it is very simple and thorough. You will need a 3% caustic soda solution and a plastic tub. The iron you want to de-rust must be connected to a power source with a negative pole. The negative pole is connected to a piece of stainless steel. However, the poles must be completely submerged in the plastic tub. However, during this process you must ventilate well or work outdoors.

Cola for the aftertreatment

Although you can slowly desiccate sensitive things with cola. The very low proportion of phosphoric acid converts the rust into iron phosphate. However, it is ideal if you have mechanically derusted a workpiece and did not reach all corners. Then you can do the reworking of the coke, so to speak. But that should be rinsed thoroughly.

Tips & Tricks

The phosphoric acid, which is contained in the cola in such small doses, there is also pure. It is applied with a brush on the rust and later rinsed thoroughly with water, if it has done its job.

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