The iron stinks? How to find a remedy!

A steam iron can really have its pitfalls: sometimes water runs out without reason, then the nozzles are clogged, another time stinks suddenly the ironing water. In the latter case, there is often a very obvious solution, the bad smell is relatively easy to banish. The focus is on the quality of the water.

Where does the bad smell come from?

The bad smell usually comes from the water in the steam iron, in which dirt, lime and even mold can accumulate. This is done by storing the device with a filled tank and decalcifying it too rarely.

Stagnant water always starts to smell bad over time. This means that germs settle and spread, also molds are gradually becoming active. Distilled water is not excluded from this process.

Many a friend of nice smells accesses also special ironing water, which captivates with pleasant fragrances. However, with this type of water there is an increased risk that the beautiful smell will turn into stench, either due to storage for too long or in the case of strong heating.

What to do if the steam iron stinks?

Only one thing helps against the stench: cleaning and descaling. Not only in the water is the strong smell, it also goes into the accumulated lime. Obtain a decalcifying agent, such as citric acid or vinegar, and proceed as follows:

  • Remove water from the tank
  • Fill up iron with dissolved descaler
  • Heat up the appliance to the highest level
  • Release steam vigorously several times over the sink and rinse all nozzles
  • Issue the iron and store vertically
  • let it work for a quarter of an hour with descaler
  • Heat the appliance again
  • evaporate again, rinse nozzles
  • Pour out decalcifier
  • Fill the iron with fresh water
  • heat again and let off steam

Finally, the most important thing: Never store your steam iron with a filled tank, but always empty it after ironing. So the water inside can not spoil and start to stink.

Tips & Tricks

The sole of an iron can also be cleaned relatively easily. Use oven spray or a plaster stone for ceramic and ceramic. Soaking in vinegar cloths also helps with thorough cleansing.

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