Filter ferrous water - what can you do?

In tap water, the iron and manganese contents are constant. In almost all cases they are far below the applicable limit values. With water from your own house well, however, the exposure to iron and manganese can be a problem. How to use filters and what to look for is explained in detail in this article.

Occurrence of iron and manganese

Iron and manganese are present in many groundwaters. They are not primarily harmful to health, but lead to an unsavory discoloration of drinking water change the taste very negative.

The two substances are present in nature in different compounds. In the waterworks iron and manganese are often removed by ozonation from the water, it is simultaneously sterilized.

Evidence of iron and manganese in the water

The typical rusty red color of the water also comes from the rust. When iron oxidizes, it forms rust in combination with air and water. The rust particles are so small that they can not be easily filtered out.

A typical sign for manganese are small, black particles in the water. In general, however, only an analysis of the water provides information about the actual manganese content.


According to the Drinking Water Ordinance, a maximum of 0.2 mg / l iron and 0.05 mg / l manganese may be present in the water.

filter systems

Filtering of iron and manganese is only possible with special filter systems. They are designed so that a precipitation reaction takes place in them, with the help of which the iron is oxidized and completely converted into rust, which can then be filtered out as a particle.

Manganese precipitation is a bit more difficult, but it happens on the same basis. There are combination filter systems for filtering both substances from the well water.

Important for the design and dimensioning of the system are the following points:

  • Iron content in water (can be measured with test strips)
  • Manganese content in the water (there are no test strips for this purpose, it must be determined laboratory-technically)
  • pH of the water (can be determined with test strips)
  • taken amount of water

Tips & Tricks

It is absolutely necessary to check the water before planning a system, since the type of installation and the design of the filters must also be adjusted accordingly.

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