Water Computer Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the irrigation computer comparison or test 2018

  • An irrigation computer makes garden irrigation easier. It controls the water pressure, duration and frequency of watering your green oasis.
  • With a rain or soil moisture sensor, the watering computer can also help you lower your water bill. The best watering computer combines different sensors.
  • The watering computer is a watering clock that does more than just run water at a certain time. It regulates, for example, the water pressure. So you can safely go on vacation and know your flowers in good hands.

Water Computer Comparison 2018: comparison

He who loves his garden cherishes and cherishes him. Unfortunately, that also means a lot of work. Irrigation is no exception. It is very time-consuming and must be repeated regularly. With the help of drip hoses you can already save a lot of timebecause you do not have to run the hose through your garden. But you still have to turn on the tap and check the pressure, so that the last plant in the row still has enough to drink.

Irrigation computers now also save you from this task and you can use the time gained to maintain the garden elsewhere. You can also use the computers to optimize your water consumption, In our Water Computer Comparison 2018 we show you what functions the device must have, so that you can also go on a calm holiday and know your flowers well looked after.

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1. Why an irrigation computer pays off

Water flows fast

Water Computer Comparison 2018: computer

Do you know how much water you consume per day? According to the Federal Statistical Office, in 2013 Hamburg consumed 138.1 liters a day, while the Saxons consumed 86.3 liters. Adding the water you need for garden irrigation to your daily water consumption, the number skyrockets, as some plants need a lot of the cool water.

Water is a precious commodity and unfortunately in short supply in some parts of the world. We are lucky that we have it in sufficient quantity available. That's why we should use it responsibly - even when it comes to our love of nature.

With the help of an automatic irrigation system you can save sore muscles and back pain. It pours your garden almost completely without your intervention - you just have to program it once and switch the watering computer between the tap and the garden hose. During programming, you can decide on the duration, frequency and intensity of irrigation, Many irrigation computers are equipped with sensors that detect whether it has rained recently or not. If there has been a downpour, then the watering computer will suspend the scheduled irrigationbecause it is not necessary. The sensor system can thus save you money.

The installation of an irrigation computer is quite simple. First, attach the computer to the garden faucet with a screw nut. Now connect the water hose that you want to use for irrigation to the irrigation system. Now it says: "Water march!" and breathe life into the watering computer. The system offers various presets, but you can also individually set the duration and rhythm of the irrigation. Here, the operation is very intuitive on most devices. Now you just have to do one thing: sit back and forget about casting your treasures.

Water Computer Comparison 2018: computer

Here you can see a 2-way distributor from Gardena.

The irrigation computers can do even more: By means of an adapter, you can connect not just one but two garden hoses with the modern technology. For this you need a so-called 2-way distributor.

Furthermore, there is another feature in addition to the rain sensor, which may be interesting for you as a garden lover: the moisture sensor for the ground. These two sensor categories are described in detail in the following section.

Water computer with rain sensor

Water Computer Comparison 2018: computer

  • detects a rain shower
  • ensures that after a shower no unnecessary irrigation takes place
  • can stop an already started irrigation in case of rain

prevents overhydration
can lower your water bill
It also starts when the rain is a bit rough, but the ground is still wet enough

Water computer with soil moisture sensor

Water Computer Comparison 2018: water

  • controls the moisture in the soil
  • regulates irrigation depending on moisture content

Prevents overhydration - even if the rain is already a bit behind
can lower your water bill
can clog quickly (especially with fine-pored soil)

For the really optimal watering you can see the two featured Combine sensors with each other, In this way, the disadvantages of both models balance out and the benefits are cumulated.

Here you will find the Advantages and disadvantages of a soil moisture sensor Overview of the rain sensor:

  • Realizes how moist the soil really is
  • can prevent overhydration more reliably
  • can be adjusted to different humidity levels
  • does not stop when it starts to rain
  • the ground must first have a certain humidity for a stop

3. Purchase advice: How to find your personal watering computer test winner

3.1. This is what the perfect display looks like

Water Computer Comparison 2018: comparison

If you buy an irrigation computer with detachable display, you are even more flexible.

You can check the set functions via the display of an irrigation computer. It should therefore be clearly structured so that you can use it intuitively.

Some manufacturers offer you models that allow you to remove the display. This is particularly suitable for land where you can not constantly see to the right - for example, in your allotment. In addition, you can operate the display even when disassembled with these products: they let your soul dangle in the hammock and tell the computer that irrigation may be more intensive today with the monkey heat.

Some irrigation computers can now also be connected to your smartphone. Via an appropriate app of the manufacturer, you can change the settings so easily on the go.

If you have a cheap irrigation computer that is getting a bit old, then it may well be that you face no display, but one or the other knob. Unfortunately, you can not read the battery level with these models, because that works only with those with display.

If you attach more importance to networked living and the use of smartphones anyway, then we recommend that you buy in any case a modern device with display and special app. The market leader Gardena or even the manufacturer Kärcher you should find it.

3.2. The connection question

Water Computer Comparison 2018: 2018

Irrigation computer and 2-way valve in one: The MultiControl duo watering computer from Gardena.

The popular irrigation computers from Gardena and Kärcher are anything but simple: They offer you versatile connection options. The simplest is that you switch the computer between faucet and hose.

In addition, you can also connect a sensor of your choice - or even both presented sensors. If you then place a two-way water distributor between the faucet and the water computers, you can operate two computers independently. But there are also irrigation computers, which provide two connections for hoses. This has the advantage of being able to use different irrigation modes for different plants in your garden because the distributor is upstream of the irrigation systems. The rose finally has more thirst than the succulents.

If you have a large garden with many different plant species, we recommend that you use such a two-way distributor. Then you should also think about the ideal tube type: Perhaps worth the handle to a bead tube and a garden hose with sprinkler.

3.3. Other accessories: do not forget the watering valve

In order for your irrigation computer to do its job successfully, it needs power. The watering timer itself runs without power through a battery. This refers to irrigation computers with advanced function, which spread over the garden provide your flowers with the cool water. For the constant power supply is a conventional garden socket.

However, the entire structure is a bit expensive: In order not to disturb the look in your green oasis, you should install a pipe network in the ground and thus ensure the power supply and cable management. Unfortunately, maintenance can not be avoided now and then to avoid the risk of sharing electricity and water.

We recommend that you have the installation carried out by a specialist.

3.3. Attention: The batteries are often exclusive

The majority of irrigation computers will only buy without a battery - These must be purchased separately. In most cases this is a 9 volt alkaline manganese cell. Fortunately, this energy source is not very expensive and only costs you around 3 to 4 euros. For this the irrigation computer will be supplied with power for up to a full year.

Water Computer Comparison 2018: your

4. Questions and answers about irrigation computers

4.1. Irrigation clock or irrigation computer?

Does the Stiftung Warentest have an irrigation computer test?

So far, the Foundation has not performed an explicit irrigation computer test. In June 2016, she just issued a short message titled "Irrigation Systems: Never Water Again". This message identifies irrigation computers as a good way to automate the casting duration control and their intervals. The Foundation even recommends expansion with a humidity sensor.

An irrigation watch can be understood as the little brother of an irrigation computer. It is much easier knitted and is often only able to turn the water on and off after a certain time.

The irrigation computer is recommended for you if you are an ambitious hobby gardener looking for the optimal conditions for his flowers. Even if you often want or need to leave your plants to yourself for a few days, it is advisable to use a high-quality irrigation computer with sensor.

4.2. How often should turf be poured?

The water computer alone does not guarantee that your garden shines in all its glory. To do this, you also need to make sure that you have adjusted it optimally and adapted it to the needs of your plants.
You should make sure that your watering computer allows you to set at least two watering cycles per day. This is especially important for hot summer days.

A lawn is often thirsty and would like to be showered in the mornings and evenings during the short sunny and warm time. The benefit of morning pouring is that excess moisture can evaporate throughout the day without muddy waterlogging. The duration of watering can be 1 to 4 hours, depending on the size of the lawn.

Gardena's Easy Control Water Computer is popular among hobby gardeners. In addition to irrigation products from Gardena, irrigation computers from Kärcher are also welcome helpers - but these manufacturers are also moving in the upper price segment.

Of course, Gardena and Kärcher are not the only manufacturers where you can choose your new watering computer. Here are the most popular manufacturers and brands at a glance:

  • Gardena
  • orbit
  • Kärcher
  • Royal Gardineer
  • Timbertech
  • Florabest
  • Garden feeling
  • Aqua Center
  • Rain Bird

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