Can the fridge be next to the oven?

In many a kitchen, there is not much space, which leaves only a few options for the arrangement of the devices. Dishwasher, fridge, stove and oven eventually have to go somewhere - but may certain appliances even stand side by side? What happens if the fridge and oven are directly adjacent?

Refrigerator next to the oven: is that okay?

It is commonly known that an oven or stove produces heat while the refrigerator is designed to keep its interior cool. The warmer the environment of the refrigerator, the more energy the device has to use to reach its destination.

It does not hurt the fridge to stand right next to the oven, but using the oven increases the power consumption for cooling rapidly: then the compressor has to do much more to keep the food cool.

Anyone who does not cook or bake their own food often will not have to expect that the electricity bill will rise exorbitantly. But anyone who uses his kitchen for cooking, roasting and baking, the refrigerator is better to a different location.

The fridge should not stand here either!

A refrigerator should always be in the coolest possible place, so that it uses little energy. In the kitchen, there are therefore still other configurations that do not fit well:

  • Refrigerator next to dishwasher: This unit emits heat when needed.
  • Refrigerator on the south window: Permanent sunning heats the refrigerator unnecessarily.
  • Refrigerator next to heating: In the cold season you not only heat the room but also the refrigerator.
  • Refrigerator next to stove: Even a stove without oven base gives off a lot of heat, so avoid installing stove and fridge side by side.

Ensure free exhaust air!

Another mistake, which occurs relatively often when setting up a refrigerator, is that the exhaust air slots are delivered. Keep your refrigerator at least 10 cm away from the wall, even with a built-in model.

Clean the exhaust air slots regularly and thus ensure an unobstructed air circulation. Because when the heat is difficult to escape from the refrigerator, the power consumption increases.

Tips & Tricks

Even small appliances that stand on the refrigerator and give off heat there can lead to a higher energy requirement. If your coffee machine or microwave is placed there, it is best to place the appliance on an insulating cork base.

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