Is a box spring bed back friendly?

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. Therefore, it is particularly important that the back is spared and relaxed during sleep. Is a box spring bed back friendly?

Construction of a box spring bed

A box spring bed consists of a base made of wood, which is equipped with up to 20cm thick suspension. On this base comes a normal mattress, often a spring mattress, which in turn is sprung. On top of this, a thin mat, a so-called topper, can optionally be laid.

The right degree of hardness is crucial

Box spring beds are available in different degrees of hardness. The firmer or harder the bed, the less you sink into the mattress while lying down. The crucial zone here is the hip area, since most of the weight is here. When choosing the right degree of hardness, make sure that the spine is in a straight line when lying on its side. Unlike a slatted frame, the degree of hardness in a box spring bed can not be subsequently adjusted. Therefore, it is especially important that you make the right choice when making your purchase.

Maximize comfort for the back

The more springs a mattress has, the more precisely it reacts to movements and the more comfortable the feeling of lying is for you and your back. Also, it is recommended that the suspension in the base is the same as in the mattress: So if you choose a mattress with Tonnentaschenfederung - a particularly back-friendly suspension - should also have the base frame this suspension.

Back pain caused by the box spring?

A box spring bed can not only relieve the back but on the contrary even burden. This can happen in two cases:

  • The springs in a box spring bed can become worn after many years of use. This can lead to a sink in the bed, so that the hip area is much lower than the rest of the body. If this is the case, you should urgently replace your mattress and possibly the underwear. In general, boxspring beds are considered to have a lifespan of around 10 years.
  • If your box spring bed is completely new and you wake up in the morning with back pain, it may be because the hardness was too soft. In principle, the same happens here as with an old box spring bed: The hip area sinks too deep and lies in a kind of Kuhle. This creates a kink in the spine, which in the long run can lead to back pain.

Tips & Tricks

Many furniture stores offer a sampling night on their beds. Take this opportunity! It is very annoying if you find out after the first night at home that the mattress is too soft for you.

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