Is rust magnetic?

This is a question that can not be answered so clearly with yes or no. What kind of rust is magnetic, and which is not, you can find answered here. Read on here.

Chemical composition of rust

Rust is chemically an iron oxide compound. More specifically FeOOH. For iron oxides, however, there are different possibilities, which differ by their color.

The typical red rust, also known in the jargon as goethite and akagenite, is actually pure iron oxide hydroxide. He is not magnetic.

Another form of iron oxide is the black iron oxide, which is very magnetic. It is usually referred to in the jargon as a hammer blow, because it is also obtained when forging iron. In fact, it does not count as rust.

By oxidation processes of iron, however, quite different iron oxide compounds can be obtained.

Tips & Tricks

The typical reddish rust that we know is therefore not magnetic in any case.

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