Isoklinker: what prices and does that pay off?

Isoklinker are somehow the best of two worlds: On a conventional plaster facade can be applied in the course of an energetic renovation not only insulation but also clinker as weather protection. Whether that pays off and what costs are incurred, read here.

Construction of Isoklinker systems

Insulating clinker systems are a veneering system for facades in which insulation is integrated immediately. Insulation thicknesses between 40 mm and 200 mm are possible.

So-called joint plates are dowelled to the wall, the clinker straps are then dowelled to hard foam boards on the wall (or the so-called "joint control system"). It is pleasant that this work (unlike a conventional ETICS) can also be carried out quite easily in own contribution.

Isoklinker: what prices and does that pay off?: insulation

Prices for isoklinkers

Depending on the manufacturer and especially on the thickness of the insulation, the prices differ a bit, but as a rough target price you can assume - for standard insulation thicknesses for uninsulated facades - about 170 EUR per m². To put this into relation, you will find in the following table some recommended prices for other insulation for comparison.

DämmweisePrice approx
Isoklinkerabout 170 EUR per m²
ventilated curtain wallsabout 170 - 250 EUR per m²
classic ETICS (most common)about 90 - 150 EUR per m² *)
common interior insulation (not technically advisable)about 60 - 100 EUR per m²
Facade core insulationapprox. 15 - 30 EUR per m²

*) In many cases additional work may be required to attach a ETICS, such as extending the roof overhang. The cost of this work (which can be very different and not necessarily compulsory everywhere), we have not considered here.

Price comparison Isoklinker

From the comparison prices quoted above, it can be seen that insulating clinker is certainly not the most favorable option from the outset to achieve a higher thermal protection of the façade. In terms of price, however, insulating clinker are quite similar to a classic ETICS.

For this you get some additional advantages with the Isoklinkern:

  • The facade has a very effective and very durable weather protection
  • Visually, an Isoklinker system is certainly more appealing than a Styrofoam covering the wall
  • Clinker systems are easy to clean and do not need to be repainted every few years (or the plaster often has to be renewed)

Tips & Tricks

For a "real" clinker façade, ie a masonry, a much higher effort is required. The production of a clinker façade costs around 150 EUR per m² or more, and then the costs for the necessary insulation would be added.

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