Is there the ideal height for a bar table?

There is no ideal, standardized or optimal height for a bar table. As different as the body lengths of the users are, so comfortable or uncomfortable the table heights are perceived. As a guide, manufacturers and restaurants follow the average body lengths in Germany. The "right angle" rule helps in the decision.

Body lengths and standing comfort

In general, the average body length, colloquially referred to as size increases in Germany. A few centimeters each in about fifty years require today higher bar tables than, for example, in the German imperial era. The average values ​​are currently (values ​​from 2006):

  • Half of the men are between 1.75 and 1.85 meters long or tall
  • Over half of the women are between 1.60 and 1.70 meters long or tall
  • Nearly twenty percent of women and men measure between 1.70 and 1.74 meters

These basic values ​​of size serve as a guideline when you build yourself or buy a bar table. The table top height should correspond to the right angle bent arm and the elbow as far as possible.

Common height ranges

The usual height of industrially manufactured bar tables is between 1.10 and 1.15 meters. Thus, it allows a majority with a body length between 1.60 and 190 meters a relatively comfortable use. Too low bar tables require Körperbeugungen, which are not pleasant to disturbing. Too high table tops prevent leaning or placing the elbow.

The standard dimensions of europallets are 1.20 meters on the longer side. That's another reason why they are popular as building materials for their own designs. If you want to build a bar table from an oil barrel, you will meet the conventional barrel heights of eighty to ninety centimeters. Here a table top substructure or the mounting of table legs at the bottom can lead to the desired height.

Customization tips and seating surfaces

For reasons of stability, table leg extensions should be avoided as much as possible. When shortening table legs, the shift of the center of gravity must be taken into account.

Leaning comfort can be increased with rounded tabletop edges and mitigate any restrictions imposed by the height. If bar stools or chairs are designed to complement bar tables, the seats should be a foot or two lower than the top of the table top.

Social factors

When deciding on the height of the bar table or bar tables, some "soft" or social factors can be incorporated. It is usually foreseeable which body lengths will be present. When multiple bar tables are used, statistical considerations can be taken into account beyond any prejudice or understanding of the role.

In general, of course, it is attentive to offer children and adolescents lower table heights. Table heights of about eighty centimeters offer body lengths between 1.20 and 1.50 meters of comfortable standing comfort. Women's and men's tables should not be explicitly designated as such, but offered. Ideal are height combinations with ten to 15 centimeters difference in height.

Tips & Tricks

If many of your guests come from southern Europe or Asia, they bring an average of about ten inches smaller body length. Internationally oriented events usually offer bar tables that are one meter high.

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