Does it make sense to try to increase the weight of a washing machine?

Washing machines are a huge challenge when moving due to their heavy weight. Whether or not it makes sense to expand the weights inside the washing machine for easier transportation will be answered here.

Function of the weights

The weights inside the washing machine are used to stabilize the machine when the drum is moving sharply when spinning.

Removal of weights

As stand weights today concrete weights are mainly installed, which can not be removed. There are also weights in the upper area, which can be removed only with great effort on many machines. To reduce the transport weight, the effort is therefore not worthwhile.

Tips & Tricks

In many cases, even a sturdy sack truck is an essential facilitation for the transport of the washing machine. Special hand trucks can handle stairs without any problems - and above all effortlessly. Otherwise, straps sometimes work wonders because they distribute the weight of the machine optimally over the body.

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