Insure valuables in the vault - you should know that

Of course, when valuables are stored in the vault, the question always arises as to what the insurance covers in the event of damage. What you should always pay attention to when insuring valuables, and which safes are suitable for which values, read here.

Requirements of the insurer

Each home insurance has different, special requirements when it comes to the requirements for a safe. Up to what value items are insured in certain vaults, ultimately the insurance always decides.

Irrespective of this, however, there are basic guideline values ​​which are usually insured up to which safe class:

Safe class according to EN 14450 / degree according to EN 1143-1insured value without alarm system (* usual values)insured value with alarm system (* usual values)
S15,000 EUR
S230,000 euros
EN 040,000 EUR80,000 EUR
EN 165,000 euros130,000 euros
EN 2100,000 euros200,000 EUR
EN 3200,000 EUR400,000 euros
EN 4400,000 euros800,000 euros

The safety cabinets of VDMA classes A and B can generally only contain insured values ​​up to 2,500 EUR. For cabinets of class B with a minimum weight of 200 - 300 kg (depending on insurance).

These values ​​apply only to the private sector - there are other limits in the commercial sector.

Execution of the safe

Every insurance has certain requirements as to what a safe should look like - not just security. Often, from a certain value, a safe weight of at least 200 kg is required, alternatively often a fixed wall installation.

In addition, there is a lot of confusion in the confusion of security classes (many old and new norms), so you always have to be prepared for the special certification required by the blending anyway.

key problem

Always make sure that most insurance companies do not appreciate key locks very much, many of them often only allow combination locks directly. The reason is quite simple: a hidden key can possibly be found by a burglar (burglars are professionals). With combination locks, this possibility is certainly excluded.

What insurance for valuables?

For the insurance of smaller values ​​the household insurance is usually responsible. The upper limit for "smaller values" is usually:

  • 1,500 EUR cash
  • 3,000 EUR securities
  • 20,000 EUR jewelry

For all values ​​that go beyond that, only a so-called securities encirclement can be covered. The terms of these policies can often be negotiated freely with the insurer, especially at higher levels.

For very small values ​​(up to a total value of around EUR 1,000), most insurers also need a simple enclosure - for example in a lockable drawer. But that can vary from insurer to insurer. Inform yourself here also always in detail about the conditions that apply to your home contents insurance - otherwise there may be a bad awakening after a break-in.

Tips & Tricks

You should never keep cash at home. Larger cash holdings always belong in a bank locker.

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