Jackhammer and pneumatic hammer: function and use

Jackhammer and pneumatic hammer: function and use: function

It is quite impressive when a jackhammer is used in road construction or demolition work: equipped with a pointed or flat chisel, the heavy equipment works, the technically correct actually Drucklufthammer means, with the typical rattling sound of beating through asphalt, concrete or massive natural stones. The small relatives of the jackhammer, the pneumatic hammer drill, many home improvement have already used at least once. The jackhammer works quite similarly, but because of its sheer power and size, it can handle far more demanding tasks. How a jackhammer is built and where to use it is explained here.

This is how a jackhammer works

Jackhammer and pneumatic hammer: function and use: function

Here is a simple, older jackhammer in parts. The trigger for the compressed air supply is clearly visible on the top left, in the middle the hammer and on the bottom right the cylinder, at the lower end of the insert work piece is mounted.

A jackhammer consists of two assemblies, For one thing, that's one motor driven air compressorthat can be placed away from the work site. Today, the compressors used are soundproofed, so their noise remains bearable. About one Compressed Air Line the actual hammer is connected to the compressor.

When a valve is opened on the hammer, compressed air flows into the central cylinder of the tool. The compressed air accelerates a moving piston, which strikes a hammer with high energy. This hammer delivers the movement to the front mounted, movably mounted tool. This is usually a shallow or pointed chisel, so you can use it in specialized pneumatic hammers but also driving a rivet head.

When the piston has passed its energy, it returns to its original position - either by compressed air or by means of a return spring.

Jackhammer and pneumatic hammer: function and use: function

The compressor for road works is usually mobile on wheels. It is powered by a silenced gasoline engine.

Jackhammer and pneumatic hammer: function and use: jackhammer

For exhaust-free use in interiors, there are also compressors, which are electrically operated via a three-phase connection.

That's basically it Same procedure as with the electro-pneumatic hammer drill or demolition hammer, Here, too, a freely flying so-called striker is accelerated with overpressure, which strikes the movably mounted insert tool. With the pneumatic hammer, however, the separate, larger-built compressor and the larger-sized tool can considerably build up more pressure and thus generate a far greater single impact energywhich makes it possible to drive even large chisels.

Typical applications for pneumatic hammers

Most familiar is the use in the road construction, if using the pneumatic hammer during repairs or before working in the underground Road surfaces are to be straightened. In addition, however, is also the use in the Mining common, and finally jackhammers are also commonly found Demolition work on buildings.

Jackhammer and pneumatic hammer: function and use: hammer

If buildings are to be demolished piece by piece or partially cleared, this can be done very well with a pneumatic hammer.

Jackhammer and pneumatic hammer: function and use: function

For large-scale use in civil engineering, the mounting on the excavator arm offers. As a rule, the excavator then generates the required compressed air.

In addition to hand-held jackhammers, there are also tools with the same function and a very similar design, which are mounted on excavator arms. They are also found in road construction or demolition of buildings and parts of buildings.

Jackhammer in handyman's hand

Jackhammer and pneumatic hammer: function and use: hammer

If you look closely at how it works, it's a handy one Compressed air chisel in principle a miniature version of the pneumatic hammer.

Demolition work is also the opportunity where home improvement can make sense. These include fewer breakthroughs or the removal of material inside the building, because here the high impact energy can damage the structure of the building for laymen, making it difficult to calculate. At this point smaller drills or demolition hammers have to be used more sensibly.

In contrast, a pneumatic hammer can save a lot of work in the gardenFor example, when the concrete base plate of a terrace or a horticultural structure has to be removed in order to make room for a new construction.

A home improvement will hardly buy a big jackhammer. If necessary, it makes more sense to rent him at the construction equipment rental. Please note that depending on the rental company, tools such as chisels can not be rented as wearing parts or their wear can be calculated separately.

On the other hand, DIY enthusiasts can expect to buy a larger demolition hammer depending on the size of a planned project. And anyone who creatively deals with stone processing will appreciate a compressed air chisel operated on a home compressor - a miniature version of the pneumatic hammer in terms of function.

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