Make Japanese pillows

Make Japanese cherry blossom pillows

Make Japanese pillows: pillows

Beautify your sofa with charming cherry blossom pillow. Place a Japanese screen behind the sofa or a vase of cherry blossoms on the coffee table and spread some cherry blossom scent sticks to turn your living room into a gorgeous Japanese garden. What could be better?

The products below will help you.

material list

• soldering iron

• Glue Gun with transparent glue stick 7 mm

• White and pink organza fiber made of synthetic fibers • Brown sequin ribbon

Green non-fraying matter, e.g. Art suede or felt, or green sequins

• Transparent hotfix gemstones

• Upholstered cushion with silk covers

Japanese Pillow: Step 1

Make Japanese pillows: cherry

Use the Dremel VersaTip (soldering tip) to cut floral patterns from the organza fabric. For stronger fabrics, use the VersaTip hot knife.

Japanese Pillow: Step 2

Make Japanese pillows: make

To create individual flowers, place three organza flowers on top of each other and connect them in the middle. Touch the center of the flowers on the back with the soldering tip of the VersaTip to fuse it into a flower.

Japanese Pillow: Step 3

Make Japanese pillows: japanese

Glue the sequin tapes with the Dremel Glue Gun and the transparent adhesive in the form of twigs on the pillow covers. First, make a draft if you want the creative to pass over multiple pillows.

Japanese Pillow: Step 4

Make Japanese pillows: japanese

Cut leaf patterns out of the green fabric and stick the flowers and leaves to the branches with the Dremel Glue Gun as shown. Alternatively, you can also make leaves from lime green sequin shapes. If you want, you can make the room shine even more brilliant and apply the hotfix gemstones with the Dremel VersaTip in the form of flower buds or other flowers.

Make Japanese pillows: make

Courtesy of Dremel.

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