Glasses in the oven - cake from the glass

Practically he is, the new cake from the glass. Baked portion by portion in individual glasses and if necessary also preserved, this cake can even be baked by busy hobby bakers themselves. But not every jar is suitable for the cake. The glass not only has to be heat resistant, it also has to meet other conditions.


You do not need to use special Jenaer glasses if you want to bake some small cakes in the glass. Mason jars or jam jars are enough. The oven should not be preheated. It is important that the glasses are heated slowly. Strong sudden temperature fluctuations must be avoided even with such glasses necessarily.

Shape of the glass

Most of the cake should be overturned after baking from the glass. There are therefore no glasses that taper towards the top. It is even ideal if the glass at the top is a bit wider than at the bottom. As mason jars, such glasses are even in the right size. Originally, this form was used to awaken liverwurst or other string sausage.

mason jar

The tumblers, which are perfectly straight, can perfectly give the cake back. Mason jars that taper slightly above are of course also suitable. However, you must then eat your delicious dessert directly from the glass. You can not topple out this cake.

Jam or other screw-top glass

Also for the glasses with screw cap, the straighter they are, the better they are suitable for a cake in the oven. Of course, the practical thing is that you can store the cake for a longer time, if you close the still hot glass with a screw cap and turn it upside down.

So the vacuum pulls the lid tight. When opening, you will hear a slight pop later. You can test the tightness of the glass by running your fingers over the lid and pressing lightly in the middle. If the lid still latches lightly and jumps back with a pop, your glass is not tight.

Tips & Tricks

Also suitable, if the cake is no longer to be stored, are the small Souffléschalen. They are largely heat resistant and also have a very straight shape. However, these shells are often quite small, so really only enough for a small portion of cake.