Remove jar labels

Many glasses can continue to be used when the food has been eaten. But the annoying labels often stick very firmly and stubbornly on the glasses. If you do not feel like straining your fingernails for a long time to get rid of the labels, you should read our tips here. We'll show you how to get the labels easier from the glasses.

Step by step removing labels from lenses

  • dish soap
  • baking soda
  • cooking oil
  • WD 40
  • dishpan
  • cup brush
  • microfiber cloth

1. Dish soap and hot water

The most popular variant, which almost always works, is hot water with a lavish dose of dish soap. Put the glass in the hot rinse water so that the labels are completely in the water. Then wait about half an hour.

Then you can usually just lift the labels. There may still be some glue left that you can wipe off with a cup brush or a microfibre cloth. If too much glue sticks stubbornly to the glass, add some washing up liquid to this glue residue. After a small exposure time, the adhesive should have disappeared.

2. baking soda

If the hot water with the detergent more or less failed, mix some baking soda with cooking oil to a paste. Apply these to the remnants of the labels and let them work for about 15 minutes. The paste is then rinsed together with the remnants of the labels. Rinse again with regular water and detergent.

3. Creep oil / WD 40

This should be the last variant you try. Spray the remnants of the labels with the spray oil and place the glass in the dishwashing bowl for a while. Check with your finger whether the leftovers can be easily pushed away. If this is the case, the glass can be cleaned with hot water and detergent. The remnants of the glue then disappear as well.

Tips & Tricks

Many recommend the removal of labels with pure alcohol. That's no problem on glass. However, if there are labels on the tin lid, you will damage the paint with the alcohol and your lid will probably rust soon. That would have been all the effort in vain.

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