Put jeans in the dryer - is that allowed and what do you have to pay attention to?

Jeans on the leash usually dry slowly because of their fabric thickness. To accelerate the drying process, it is therefore often considered to simply put the jeans in the dryer. If this works, and what you have to pay attention to if you dry jeans in the dryer, you can read in this post.

Jeans material

It is very important to check the care label of the jeans first. "Genuine" denim, as it used to be in the past, was made of pure cotton that was specially treated. This meant that running in the dryer was no problem.

Today, modern jeans are made of a variety of material blends, and the cotton can be treated in different ways. Not all jeans can handle the dryer.

On the care label, you'll see the dry suit using the icon that shows a square with a circle inside. If only the symbol is on the label, it means that the jeans are completely dry-cleanable without any problems.

If the symbol is crossed out, do not put the jeans in the dryer, even at low temperatures. Otherwise the material could be damaged. Drying at reduced temperature is indicated by a dot in the dryer symbol. You can then dry the jeans with a gentle program and at low temperatures.

Two dots in the dryer symbol mean that even higher temperatures are allowed. But that is only the case with a few jeans.

Also, make sure that the material details of your jeans reveal any polyester or acrylic additives. In these cases, the jeans should not be in the dryer and certainly not in hot temperatures. Otherwise, these plastic threads melt and cause the jeans to tear when worn.

Even stretch jeans should not be in the dryer if possible. They are very sensitive to higher temperatures. Lycra and spandex threads can not stand high temperatures, the jeans are then ruined.

Dry jeans properly

Always turn the jeans to the left before putting them in the dryer. Close all buttons.
For jeans always use a gentle program for drying. Some modern dryers also have special denim programs.

Also make sure that jeans inside the dryer may still lose color and discolour. Be careful with other items of laundry.

There can be no discoloration on the stainless steel drum, but on plastic parts with which the jeans come in contact inside (drying door, delimitations inside the drum). Such discolorations are then permanent and usually impossible to remove.

Tips & Tricks

Also be aware that every pair of jeans dries in the dryer. If she's been short before, she'll probably not fit after the dryer. Jeans can also be shortened in the dryer a bit. The effect can occur after every drying cycle, so be careful!

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