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  • The jigsaw belongs to the family of power tools. It has a motor that drives a saw blade. This vertically mounted saw blade is long, narrow and has teeth on one side. The up and down movement of the saw blade drives a cut into the wood.
  • The biggest advantages of the jigsaw are its handiness and flexibility. Some devices can be operated with one hand and weigh only a few kilograms. A cut can also be made at an angle, creating an oblique cut edge. Curved cuts are also best done with the jigsaw. Tricky, however, are straight cuts or the processing of thick workpieces.
  • The quality differences are mainly reflected in the speed with which sawn can be. High-quality jigsaws can sometimes be twice as fast as the cheap models.

Jigsaw comparison 2018: blade

If you want to saw in the local workshop, above all you need the right tool. Saws come in all sorts of finishes, and a professional craftsman also owns a corresponding number for his work, however With the jigsaw you have the most functions in one unit. It is compact, handy, well suited for corner and angle cuts and also suitable for straight cuts. You can use the jigsaw to cut wood, but also plastic, thin metal plates and various building materials.

The saw blade of the saw is made of metal. It is available in different versions to suit the different requirements of specific materials.

1. Function & Operation

How a jigsaw works is quickly explained: the core is a thin one Saw blade made of steel, which is moved up and down by an electric motor by means of lifting movement, This saw blade is attached to the underside of the jigsaw and works its way through the board as you slowly push the machine forward at the top of the handle. The jigsaw lies directly on the wood (or other material)so that the saw blade produces a straight, clean cut orthogonally. With the jigsaw can also be easily cut a curve, which sets you apart from sawing types of other categories.

Jigsaw comparison 2018: 2018

Curve cuts can be done well with a jigsaw.

You need one for the jigsaw Approach in the workpiece, Either you just saw off the side, or it must (for example by means of a drill) first make a hole at the point where the cut should start, Later, the saw blade is dipped into this hole.

Jigsaws are available with handle in rod form as well as the slightly more compact-looking bow handle. Professional jigsaws are often rod-shaped so they are easier to use with both hands. On the other hand, one-handed jigsaws with handle are so light and handy that they can be guided with one hand. This is important if you need the second hand at the same time for another handle, for example, to hold a board. However, it can also be added to give extra precision.

1.1. pendulum

Jigsaw comparison 2018: comparison

With a pendulum jigsaw, a cut can also be made in the middle of the workpiece without pre-drilling.

Pendelhubstichsägen have special technology, the so-called pendulum stroke. The saw blade always moves back and forth. Each up and down movement is a back and forth movement. When you hit the bottom, the saw blade jumps backwards. When pushing upwards it jumps a little forward. As a result, it drills into the workpiece. Due to the pendulum stroke, the saw sometimes eats twice as fast into the material, the time gain is significant. In addition, sawdust removed better.

In addition, the pendulum jigsaw can dip in a new cut in a smooth surface (suction. plunge cutting), so that there does not need to be drilled a hole. The pendulum stroke offers a simplification of the work steps, but also comes at a price: Due to the rough movements, the cut quality suffers, the wood can fray.

On plunge cutting is anything but easy. Let a professional show you how to do it.

1.2. jigsaw table

Jigsaw comparison 2018: jigsaw

A workbench that is well compatible with the jigsaw thanks to a gap in the middle.

The correct base simplifies the use of a jigsaw. It offers the edge of a workbench, over which the board to be machined or the metal plate are pushed. Just fix it with a suitable vise.

Some workbenches even have a gap in the middle, making it easy to use a jigsaw. Under certain circumstances, a jigsaw can also be used simply freehand, namely, when the board itself is firmly mounted.

There is also special jigsaws on which a jigsaw is firmly mounted. These have exactly at the point of a very small opening where the jigsaw blade emerges. Of course, they are much less flexible than the handset you'll find in our jigsaw test.

2. Changing the saw blade of a jigsaw

From time to time the metal saw blade of the jigsaw must be replaced. Maybe it has become dull, or you want to use another type of jigsaw blade. It can even happen that jigsaw blades break off.

Jigsaw comparison 2018: comparison

Good to see: The T-shaft on the left side of these jigsaw blades.

This is no big problem with modern jigsaws. Similar to the drilling machine, where the drilling attachment simply snaps into the chuck, modern jigsaw blades are simply inserted into the machine and snap in there. Most manufacturers use a T-shaped stem. Some also rely on other shank profiles. When purchasing saw blades, pay attention to the right shape.

Nevertheless, many old machines are in use, Disconnect such a device from the mains first. Pull the protective cap up so that the fastening mechanism comes out. Gently loosen the screws that fix the old saw blade and remove it. Now pick up the new jigsaw blade. Insert it carefully into the machine until it clicks into place. Retighten the screws and fold back the protective cap.

When working with the saw, important safety precautions be sure to comply: The eyes must be protected with goggles from flying particles. Also special work gloves are a valuable addition to your Blaumann.

3. Purchase criteria

3.1. Power and number of strokes

To see how powerful the devices are from a jigsaw test, First, orient yourself to the characteristic "Performance". This is given in watts. The higher the wattage, the higher the power consumption of the machine and the stronger, usually the motor, which drives the jigsaw blade.

Normal jigsaws have around 500 W, particularly powerful models easily reach over 700 W, As a small clue: If a jigsaw with 500 W power is operated for a full hour, it has consumed half a kilowatt hour of electricity.

Jigsaw comparison 2018: comparison

Cutting depths between 8 and 10 cm are common.

The number of strokes indicates the number of times the saw blade goes up and down every minute. A high number of strokes allows a correspondingly faster cutting. But beware: Under high speed unfortunately under certain circumstances, the cut quality. For all machines from our jigsaw comparison, the stroke rate was adjustable and thus adaptable to the respective materials.

3.2. cutting depth

Most jigsaws reach a cutting depth of 80 to 100 mm, that is almost ten centimeters, However, some devices also come to 13 cm or more. For you as a user, the question arises what depth you need for your projects. With a thin aluminum plate even the smallest depth of cut is sufficient and a correspondingly small jigsaw cheap and useful. If, on the other hand, you would like to saw through decimeter-thick wooden boards or similar, you will not be able to get around a device with a correspondingly high cutting depth. That has its price then.

3.3. mass

Do not just scroll down with the words "Oh, the few grams..." on. The weight of a jigsaw is not insignificant, because you hold this longer time in the hand. For example, if you want to work on a standing or ajar-shaped board, it's pretty quick to embrace it. Even the best jigsaws come to two to two and a half kilograms - a significant weight that can put your physical condition to the test.

Jigsaw comparison 2018: 2018

The battery is located at the right end of the handle of this cordless jigsaw.

Even heavier are cordless jigsaws, They are charged before use and can then be used for a limited amount of time. A lot of their weight is needed for the battery, which is why the engine is often weaker. Practically they are, however, because you can take them everywhere. If, for example, you have bought a board from Bauhaus or Obi and want to saw it for the allotment, you can save yourself the detour via your local workshop. Instead, the board will go straight to the garden and be worked on by you there.

We have for you at this point shortly the Advantages and disadvantages of a mains operated jigsaw compared to a cordless jigsaw summarized:

  • low weight
  • high performance
  • handy
  • lower mobility
  • Cable salad with extension cords

4. Stiftung Warentest: To have reasonable quality from 70 €

The last jigsaw survey was conducted by Stiftung Warentest for the March 2016 issue. She found that the devices of the upper class have more powerful engines, which was reflected mainly in the speed. In some disciplines, a high-quality saw saw twice or even three times as fast as a low-cost model. For the casual craftsman, who only occasionally saws a piece of wood, this may not be too important a criterion. However, if you are in your hobby workshop every day, the difference is quite significant.

Jigsaw comparison 2018: jigsaw

Good quality and easy handling: The Stiftung Warentest praises not only Festool but also some models from Bosch and Makita.

Stiftung Warentest expressly praised the easy handling of the jigsaws as a whole. They are easy to use and easy to use even for beginners. Especially the insertable saw blades facilitate the operation in the medium term.

In addition to the jigsaw test winner Festool Trion PS 300, the first three places also achieved the Makita 4351 FCTJ and the Bosch GST 150 CE. These devices are rod-shaped saws that can be controlled with both hands to create a precise cut. They are usually beyond the 150 €.

In a previous individual test in 2009, the jigsaw of a Lidl private label scored significantly worse, Above all, the build quality was extremely moderate.

5. More saws

From the jigsaw, there are still some variants, which we would like to introduce here briefly.

scroll saw

Jigsaw comparison 2018: comparison

The scroll saw works in principle like a jigsaw. With her also very tight curves can be cut easily.

The accumulating sawdust is absorbed directly or blown away from the work surface.

Laser Jigsaw

Jigsaw comparison 2018: jigsaw

The laser jigsaw stands for special precision, Of course, the laser itself is not responsible for cutting, so far the technology is not yet. This work continues to take over the classic saw blade.

However, the laser indicates exactly the cutting guide, so that the cutting lines are straight.

Foam Rubber

Jigsaw comparison 2018: 2018

The foam saw is a true master in cutting very soft fabrics such as rubber or (as the name implies) foam.

It is also slightly lighter and has less power than its siblings, but this is not a disadvantage due to the materials to be processed.

Miter saw, circular saw, chainsaw, hole saw, table saw, saber saw, saw - the list of saws could be continued (almost) arbitrarily.

6. Manufacturer

From the purchase advice in our jigsaw comparison 2018 you already know some models of well-known manufacturers. For the sake of completeness, we add a few more producers to this list.

  • Bosch
  • Black & Decker
  • Metabo
  • Einhell
  • Mafell
  • Worx
  • Makita
  • Festool
  • Milwaukee
  • Hitachi
  • RotoZip
  • SKIL

7. FAQ

Do you still have questions about your personal jigsaw test winner or another device? Maybe you will find the answer here.

7.1. How can I just saw with the jigsaw?

Jigsaw comparison 2018: blade

In this range of jigsaw blades for different materials, the different tooth geometry is clearly visible.

With the jigsaw, a straight cut is natural more difficult than with a table saw or similar. Use a new saw blade. Do not set the machine too hard, but be patient. Concentration and rest are the nuts and bolts. Do not forget either: The thicker the wood, the harder the cut.

Helpful tool for cutting with the jigsaw is one guide rail, Pick up another board or metal strip and screw it onto the workbench. Well you can attach the jigsaw to the edge of this bar and master straight cuts.

7.2. Which jigsaw blade do I need?

There is a wide selection of metal saw blades for jigsaws. Different saw blades are also suitable for different workpieces. Tooth geometry plays an important role in finding the right blade. The shape of the teeth and their distance from each other (tooth pitch), the width of the saw blade and its thickness make the main differences.

tooth pitch

When the tooth pitch should be taken to ensure that always grasp at least two teeth simultaneously in the material. Therefore, with thin metal materials usually smaller, in larger wood materials larger teeth makes sense.

A narrow saw blade is easier to guide around the bend, while a wide blade is better for straight cuts. A thick saw blade has a higher edge retention, so stays sharp longer. However, it also has to remove more material, thereby increasing the working time.

More tips and tricks can be found here.

7.3. How much is a good jigsaw?

Cheap models are available for well under 100 €. Stiftung Warentest noted that even for 70 € a qualitatively acceptable jigsaw is availablewith which a home improvement can be happy. The particularly high-quality jigsaws of the well-known brands, however, are to be settled at 150 to 200 €.

7.4. How can I prevent the boards from fraying?

The expert from HolzWerken TV will tell you three simple tricks:

  • saw slower with low stroke rate and little or no pendulum stroke
  • Before cutting fibers with a cutter knife
  • Stick adhesive tape on the interface

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