Jigsaw for cutting tiles?

Laying tiles is also one of the activities that you often do yourself as a home improvement. You usually have the tools you need - though sections are often problematic. Whether you can use the jigsaw here with tiles, and how to do it, read in detail in this post.

tile cutting

When tiles need to be cut, it's best to use a standard tile cutter. These devices are available in a simple design from around 40 EUR, higher quality devices can often borrow in the hardware store.

For cutting the tiles to a certain length and for all straight cuts, the tile cutter is certainly the best possible alternative. Some other options can be found in this post.

tiles excerpts

You can not use a tile cutter to cut holes for pipes or fittings in tiles, or to cut tile corners in a semi-circular shape. Again, there are several options:

  • a drill with a suitable attachment (drill bit, drill attachment, hole saw for ceramics)
  • a special tile cutter, which can also be used freehand
  • a parrot tongs with which you can break out cutouts
  • a simple tile cutter for the jigsaw

Drilling always means the risk of damaging a tile. Even with tile tongs you often risk tile breakage - with expensive tiles that is very uncomfortable.

Freehand tile cutters are a very good alternative, but it is almost impossible to really get a clean, even circle or circular arc.

Advantages of the tile cutter

Tile milling is a simple attachment that fits every jigsaw. This can be relatively damage-free any shapes cut out of tiles. The application is relatively safe and tile break rather rare.

The prerequisite is that the tile is first soaked in water for a while (at least the area to be cut out). Then you can work with the tile cutter as with a conventional jigsaw blade.
The costs of about 20 EUR in retail are manageable. For occasional DIY use, such tile cutters are certainly well suited, and also relatively easy to handle for laymen. For a more professional use and many cuts per day, they are less suitable.

Tips & Tricks

Although tile cutters have a diamond coating, they will still reach their limits with very hard porcelain stoneware. In this case, you have to resort to the conventional techniques. Very thick ceramic tiles (over 8 mm) could also be a problem.

Video Board: How to Cut Ceramic Tile with a Jig Saw