Jigsaw: how to cut a miter?

In many cases, the jigsaw is the only existing sawing tool that is used for all applications. Whether this makes sense at all, where the limits are and what you should think about, if you want to cut mitres, read in this post.

Precise cuts with the jigsaw

When it comes to precision cutting, the jigsaw is a rather inappropriate tool. Why this is so, we have explained in detail about straight cuts with the jigsaw.

The statements made there are also valid for miter cuts. Precisely guiding a jigsaw and producing a straight cut or a clean bevel cut is almost impossible by design. The saw blade will always "run" a bit and a straight cut with it - even with tools - almost impossible.

Jigsaws with miter function

Nonetheless, some more expensive machines have miter cuts. Ideal are above all the tools, which also have a higher weight at the same time. As a rule, these jigsaws come from well-known brand manufacturers - such as Bosch, Makita or Black + Decker. There are exceptions.

In addition, for some reasonably clean cutting results, there are still some things to keep in mind:

  • The saw blade must be exactly matched to the material
  • the material thickness must not be too large (over 20 mm it will certainly be problematic in practice, since the diagonal is about 40% larger than the actual material thickness itself)
  • the pendulum lift function must be switched off
  • the cut length should not be very long
  • the material should not be overly hard
  • there must be a guide

Fixed jigsaws

To achieve a better cutting accuracy, you could try it with a jigsaw table, or a device that makes them a real scroll saw. This should make it possible - even in models without a miter cut function - to achieve halfway accurate miter cuts over short distances.

Tips & Tricks

Really suitable tools for Miter cuts are a table saw or a circular saw, preferably also attached to the table. Diving saws - as an alternative to a circular saw - deliver significantly better cutting results, which almost come close to a table saw. The jigsaw is always limited, even under optimal conditions you should not expect perfect results.

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