Jigsaw or circular saw?

In many cases, the budget for tools is rather low, and one often tries as a handyman to cope with the most necessary. If the question is: jigsaw or circular saw, the answer is really difficult to give. What can help you with a decision can be found in this article.

Prices for the purchase

Jigsaws you get - even in good quality - already comparatively cheap. You should still refrain from the cheapest products in the price range around 20 - 30 EUR, if you want to work reasonably and cleanly with the jigsaw. In general, you have to expect about 60 - 80 EUR for a good device.

With circular saws it looks a bit different in price. Good equipment is available in the pendulum saws from about 100 EUR, in the price range from 200 EUR are already partially devices for professional use.

If you prefer to put on a diving saw, but you have to dig deeper into the bag: High-quality equipment with useful accessories you get here barely under 250 EUR.

Jigsaw and circular saw?

In general, there should be no problem in terms of price to acquire both - a circular saw for the really rough work and blanks, and a jigsaw for all fine work and cutouts. If necessary, you can also use a jigsaw:

  • Cut timbers to length
  • Cut boards
  • sawing a miter (use guides)
  • make any required cutout in any shape
  • Cut tubes (use correct saw blade: plastic or metal)...

The jigsaw is actually a true universal tool.

In general, this combination is worthwhile because you are prepared for all occasions. Submersible saws, chop saws or table saws are then the slightly more upscale features that do not give you additional areas of application, but more comfortable and professional work - in the handyman practice, they are almost always dispensable and either replaceable by the circular saw or the jigsaw.

Jigsaw or diving saw?

Diving saws provide very precise cuts and offer many possibilities when it comes to setting mitres or exact angle cuts. Although you can "dip" into the workpiece at any point, you can not replace a jigsaw. With immersion saws you can neither cut around the curve, nor saw the hole for a sink mixer in the worktop.

Tips & Tricks

In practice, you will not be able to do without either of the two devices - a good circular saw and a jigsaw. But with both of them, you can do almost all the work that you need, right through to building simple furniture. Price should be still manageable.

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