Clamp jigsaw - this is how it works

Usually jigsaws are used freehand. However, this does not always ensure very exact cuts and also rotations and corners can not be executed very precisely. One way to clamp the jigsaw is to use a jigsaw table. How this works you read in this post.

jigsaw tables

To clamp a jigsaw, there are several possibilities:

  • a simple jigsaw table as an extension for the work table
  • a separate jigsaw table
  • a sawing station for the jigsaw
  • a scroll saw attachment for the jigsaw

Jigsaw table as extension

Such simple, with screw clamps fixed extensions for the work table are very inexpensive (from around 25 - 30 EUR) and very useful. The jigsaw is fixed from below, so that the saw blade protrudes from below through the saw table. The workpiece can then be pushed with both hands to the saw and rotated and guided very accurately.

Separate jigsaw table

These tables are a bit more expensive, but offer a larger contact surface and sometimes also stops for the exact guiding of workpieces. The advantage lies in each case in the larger support and work surface. The jigsaw is fixed just like the small extensions.

Sawing station for jigsaws

A saw station is usually a freestanding table construction, in which the saw is installed from below. In many cases, an extraction for the chips is also integrated. Such workstations are usually available from around 70 EUR.

Scroll saw attachments for jigsaws

This makes it possible to turn a jigsaw into a real true scroll saw. A cantilevered arm allows a great deal of flexibility in working, in some models, it is even possible to actually clamp scroll saw blades (jigsaw blades) into the jigsaw with the help of an adapter.

This offers numerous other uses for the jigsaw, without having to buy a separate scroll saw. In terms of price, such intent systems are quite cheap - they usually cost from about 40 EUR.

Tips & Tricks

A jigsaw is probably the most universal tool in the household. Cost-effective and suitable for almost all jobs. The combination of jigsaw and circular saw makes it possible to handle virtually all upcoming jobs and tasks without any problems. If you have been looking for instructions for changing jigsaw blades, you will find this manual here.

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