Jigsaw - what does a rip fence bring?

Jigsaws are in many households universal tools that are used for all sawing and cutting work. A rip fence for the jigsaw is therefore in many cases really useful. How to use it correctly, what limitations there are, and what to look for, read this post.

Function of the rip fence for the jigsaw

A rip fence is attached to a (straight) edge of the workpiece. The jigsaw can then be guided exactly parallel to it in the set distance to the stop.

Depending on the design of the stop, the jigsaw is guided differently. This executes a cut exactly parallel to the edge.


A jigsaw can, casually speaking, barely saw straightforward. For cuts that need to be made very accurately, you should definitely use a table saw or a circular saw, preferably with table attachment.

The reason why cutting with the jigsaw is so difficult is because the saw blade is movable. It is not always perfectly accurate to the center axis of the machine and tends to always follow the slightest resistance.

This cuts straight cuts already by design. However, the effect can be reduced slightly by different measures or already very well absorb. What you can do, read also in this post.

Rip fence and circle stop

In many cases rip fence and circlip are offered as a combination. The rip fence can then be attached at one end to the center of the circle and then guides the saw in a very precise arc around the center.

This means that exactly round cutouts or entire circles can be sawed out quite accurately. However, the deviations on the cutting line still remain, they are in this case even slightly larger than in straight cuts, as for sawing particularly narrow and flexible saw blades must be used (so-called curve saw blades). These leaves are even stronger than the wider and sturdier leaves for straight cuts.

Tips & Tricks

Of course, you can also make a simple rip fence yourself by simply fixing a lath at the right distance to the workpiece with two screw clamps, along which the saw is then guided.

Video Board: Making a Jigsaw Rip Fence