Remove iodine stains: That's how it works

Iodine leaves ugly, brown spots on skin and clothing that are very difficult to remove. Fast action is therefore required. How to react properly, if you or your textiles get iodine and how to remove iodine stains, you will learn in the following.

Means against iodine stains

  • A raw potato
  • Salimiakgeist
  • Sodium thiosulfate solution from the pharmacy (caution caustic!)

Remove iodine stains step by step

  • A potato
  • Ammonia or special stain remover
  • cotton ball

1. Soak the stain

Dried iodine stains are usually hard to remove, so it is extremely important that you keep the stain moist: Immediately after the mishap, put a little hot, best boiling water on the stain. If possible, moisten only the stain, otherwise it could spread with the help of the water.

2. Treatment with the potato

Cut off a piece of fresh potato and dab it on the stain. Walk from the outside to the inside!

If you do not have a potato at hand, you can also use cornstarch (potato starch). Both sucks the iodine from the fibers, darkens the stain, however, a little.

Then wash out the stain.

3. Sal ammoniac

If the stain is still not enough, put some ammonia on a cotton ball and dab (from outside to inside!) The stain off.

4. Wash out

Wash ammonia glands under running water and then put your textiles in the washing machine.

Iodine stains did not go out? The sun does the rest!

If, after the treatment described above, there is still a slight dark spot on your white clothing, you can also take advantage of the bleaching effect of the sun: live your textiles (just white!) In the blazing sun for a few hours and it bleaches For you with a little luck the stain residues completely.

Iodine stains on my hands - What to do?

You can also treat fresh iodine stains on the skin with a potato. For older iodine stains you could resort to sal ammoniac or sodium thiosulfate solution. However, both are corrosive and thus attack the skin. So you better wait until your skin renews itself and you get rid of the stains by itself. A few iodine stains are better than a skin irritation, right?

Tips & Tricks

The stain does not want to go out? Sew a nice patch over the place! Especially on white laundry makes a colored patch something.

Video Board: Ultra Iodine Remover