Paint joints - easy renovation for the bathroom

It can be very easy to renovate the bathroom without building rubble or tedious removal of the tiles. With little effort and low cost, the bathroom can be optically renewed very nice. But a bit of tact is needed, because the joints are simply painted. There are different systems with joint varnish or even adhesive strips for the joints.

Joint color or adhesive tape

In addition to many systems of joint or tile colors, there are also simple adhesive strips for the joints. With good preliminary work, these strips initially stick very well.

However, if you imagine how the tape looks like when it has been plastered over a few times, it will soon be far from the idea. Especially at the edges of the grease dirt in the kitchen will certainly soon lead to quite disgusting accumulations. But even in the bathroom, an adhesive strip will probably not stay that long new.

Step by step delete joints

  • household cleaners
  • masking tape
  • primer
  • joint color
  • abrasive paper
  • brush
  • cleaning rags
  • scraper
  • knife
  • spatula

1. Pre-cleaning

Any silicone adjacent to the joints must be removed before painting. If only the joints are to be painted, the tiles must be taped very accurately. To make the joints receptive, you should easily walk over the joints with kinked sandpaper. Any loose spots, of course, must first be repaired.

2nd primer

Different joint colors require a primer. This should be applied very thinly on the completely dry joints. Afterwards, the joints only have to dry thoroughly before they can be further processed.

3. Paint joints

If the tiles are also to be painted, the joints must first be painted. Then of course you can do without the tedious masking of the tiles. Use a short bristle brush and dab the pores of the joint correctly with the paint. But beware, it must not run down.

4. Postprocessing

Depending on the color system, it may be necessary to draw a clear coat over the joint. Then you should again consider the given drying times. Once the final coat of paint is done, the painter's crepe should be peeled off so that it does not take the paint when tearing off.

Tips & Tricks

You can also use normal paint for the tile joints. But then you should pay attention to quality. In addition, the color must be suitable for outdoor use, because in the shower or sink area, the stresses on the joints are similar.

Video Board: Bathroom Renovation- Drywall Taping- 1st and 2nd coat (Part 1)