Make joints in the kitchen and bathroom neat

Clean joints add to the overall aesthetics of the tiled floor or tiled wall. Stains, on the other hand, disturb the appearance and, in the case of mold, can also be harmful to health. Deposits on the grout also lead to further damage to the material, especially if chemical substances from cleaners are included.

Clean the joints with the steam cleaner

An effective device for joint and tile cleaning is the steam cleaner. The particular advantage is that it cleans powerfully without using chemicals. Anyone who has tiled areas in his home should think about purchasing a steam cleaner.

The steam cleaner works with hot water vapor, which dissolves both lime and fat. Stubbornly soiled silicone joints can be well pretreated with vinegar water, so that the dirt dissolves visibly better.

Clean joints without chemicals

Another effective cleaning agent for joints, which does not cost much and contains no harmful chemicals, is the baking powder. When cleaning joints with this home remedy, proceed as follows:

  • Mix the baking powder in a cup with a little water until creamy
  • Toothbrush or bristle brush to apply
  • Material can easily get to the tiles
  • Contact time: at least one hour
  • Wipe baking powder mixture damp
  • Dry tiles and joints

This old home remedy was used successfully in grandmother's time. However, if it does not help, there are more grout cleaners available.

Other means of cleaning joints

For cleaning joints, degreasing agents such as shampoo and rinse aid are also suitable. You can also use lime-diluted citric acid or vinegar essence against lime.

But remember with the last-mentioned remedies that the alkaline tile joints can be destroyed by acids! First carry out a test cleaning at a covered place.

Removal of mold from the joints

Especially mold often proves to be particularly persistent. If the fungus is already deep in the mortar, you will not achieve anything with a superficial cleaning. Here only a joint renovation helps - best with subsequent sealing.

Mold, which has not yet penetrated the material, should be removed as soon as possible so that it can not spread further. With these means you move the mold on the tile surface to body:

  • conventional all-purpose cleaner
  • abrasive
  • Salmiakgeist
  • spirit
  • Mold remover
  • for scrubbing: a toothbrush

The use of mildew remover should only be carried out in well-ventilated rooms, because the active ingredients contained are hazardous to health. Do not let children get near the mold remover.

Tips & Tricks

You can also dye your joints alternatively, but a previous cleaning is essential. A new color on the tile joints results in a whole new overall picture!

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