Remove juice stains gently

Freshly squeezed orange juice is a true culinary delight - and to be incredibly healthy. If only he did not leave stubborn stains... But with the right home remedy, you can successfully remove both orange juice stains and other fruit juice stains.

These home remedies help against juice stains

  • Gall soap (actually helps against everything)
  • Glycerin (with orange juice)
  • borax
  • Lemon juice or vinegar essence
  • Mineral water for soaking
  • Oxi products and chlorine-based bleaches (as a stopgap for the most stubborn juice stains)

Fast acting is halfway away

As with all stains, the same applies to juice stains: the faster you remove them, the sooner the treatment will be successful. Immediately vacuum up fresh spots of carpet, sofa, or other upholstery with napkins or tissue and wash the remains with some mild detergent and warm water. Way is the stain.
In the case of juice stains on textiles, you should remove them immediately and wash them in some warm water with detergent - this should be sufficient in most cases.

Treat stubborn or dry juice stains

1. Let it soak

Let the juice stains soak in mineral water overnight. Place the entire garment in mineral water and weigh it down so that it is completely covered.

2. Lemon juice or vinegar essence

The acid in the vinegar essence or in the lemon juice dissolves the tannins of the fruit juice. Vinegar essence contains 25% acid, while lemon juice contains only about 5 to 10% - so vinegar essence is slightly more effective at removing stains.

Take a sip of it on the stain and let the acid take effect for 10 to 15 minutes. Then scrub the fabric together or (for carpets and upholstery) brush with a brush over it and then wash out the acid.

At the carpet, dab the cloth with a cloth, add some water and dab again until the stain is almost gone.

3. Wash out

Then put textiles in the laundry and wash as usual. For a better result, add some acidity to the stain before placing the garments in the washing machine and rinse them without rinsing the product.

The carpet or the sofa should be thoroughly cleaned with a little mild detergent and warm water.

Tips & Tricks

If after washing in the washing machine there are still some stains left over, you can place white or very light textiles in the midday sun for a few hours - this bleaches out the remaining stains.

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