Clean the Jura coffee machine: That's how it works

It is important to regularly clean your Jura coffee machine so that the coffee does not lose its taste and the nozzles do not clog up. In addition, there is the maintenance button and the machine informs you when a thorough cleaning is necessary. What is more to do, we explain below.

Daily cleaning

Coffee residues should be removed every day to prevent the impurities from becoming moldy due to the good conditions (hot and humid!). The modern Jura coffee makers are programmed to perform a rinse, both on and off, i. the lines are flushed with hot water, so that impurities are dissolved. It is therefore important that you put a cup or a container under the coffee spout both when switching on and off, so that the water is collected.
If you forget that, the rinse water drips into the drip tray. In this case, it is important that you then empty this bowl and rinse well, so that no coffee remains stick to it.

Clean the drip tray

It can always go something wrong and coffee powder settles everywhere anyway. Therefore, it is advisable to regularly clean the drip tray. To do this, remove the cover and remove the drip tray. Wash cover and drip tray well under running, warm water with some detergent. Also clean the metal contacts with a damp cloth and then dry well. Also clean the contacts that are in the coffee machine, the counterpart of the drip tray, so to speak. If these contacts fray, an error message may appear: "empty tray".

Clean the interior of the Jura coffee maker: instructions

Maybe you have ever seen a completely moldy interior of a coffee machine. That can happen, because coffee powder is very fine and flies quickly somewhere where it does not belong. In the fully automatic machine, it is warm and moist and so life develops on the escaped coffee powder. To prevent this, it makes sense that you occasionally unscrew your Jura coffee machine and remove residual coffee powder with a brush or a vacuum cleaner (at the lowest level!). Instructions on how to open your Jura coffee machine can be found here.

Tips & Tricks

If you can not afford to open your Jura coffee machine and clean the inside, you can have it professionally cleaned. If this makes sense, you will learn in this article: Let Jura coffee machine clean.

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