Jura coffee machine: Error message "empty tray"

The error message "Empty tray" at the Jura coffee maker is causing many a coffee lover a headache. The message just will not go out, while the shell is empty! Where the error message can come from and how you can solve the problem is explained below.

The contacts at the drip tray

The drip tray of the Jura coffee maker has metal contacts that connect to the coffee maker and report that the bowl is there and that it is full or empty. These contacts are usually at the top of the back of the shell and are clearly visible when you remove the shell completely.
If your Jura coffee machine falsely indicates that the tray is empty, the problem is most likely to be with the contacts:

1. The contacts are wet

If the contacts have come in contact with water and are now wet, they may not work properly. In this case, take out the bowl, disconnect your coffee machine from the power and blow-dry the contacts on both the tray and the machine at low level.

2. The shell has tilted

If the machine and shell contacts are not correctly aligned, an error message can also occur. Check the correct placement of the drip tray and correct if necessary.

3. The contacts are dirty

Coffee remains can settle anywhere, including on the contacts. Clean the contacts in the machine and on the drip tray with a damp cloth and then dry.

Error message: "Shell is missing"

Also in this error message, a contact problem is the cause of the message: the contacts are dirty or, for some other reason, do not touch the shell - e.g. when the contacts are bent. In this case, you should thoroughly clean the contacts in the machine and in the bowl, and be dry and check the drip tray seat.

Tips & Tricks

The contacts may oxidize if the coffee machine and high humidity are used frequently. If one of the above error messages then appears, it will probably only be necessary to replace the contacts or the drip tray. Clean and dry the contacts now and then, even if there is no error message.

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