Jura coffee machine is running out

Is everything wet behind or under your Jura coffee machine? Your Jura coffee maker has a leak? Sometimes the solution to the problem is quite simple and you should first try to fix it yourself before deciding on an expensive repair.

What can it be?

That your Jura coffee machine expires can have various causes:

  • It is calcified and hoses or other lines are clogged. The solution: Descaling.
  • One or more hoses have become loose or worn. The solution: Open the Jura coffee machine, check the hoses and, if necessary, press or replace them.
  • The seal of the water tank or another seal is leaking. Check the seals you can reach, clean them or replace them if necessary.

How much do spare parts cost?

If something really needs to be replaced, it does not necessarily have to be expensive: a water tank sealing ring costs just € 1.90, for example, and one or two hoses, depending on the model of your Jura coffee machine and hose, from two to six euros. However, a new water tank costs about 40 to 70 €, depending on the model of the fully automatic machine. (As of: July 2015)

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