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Kübler Workwear im: workwear

Workwear has been around since the Middle Ages and has evolved significantly since then. The substances used were the Workspaces adapted, practical extensions allow it to attach tools and under the term "corporate fashion" or "corporate design" it is common for that Occupations or employees of a company Wear uniform work clothes.

Workwear is characterized special designs and a particularly robust quality out. Meanwhile, however, more and more manufacturers are also opting for an appealing design, which has also led private home improvement companies to resort to professional and robust workwear.

In today's test is one Work trousers and a work jacket by Kübler from the product range "PRACTIQ", which is to convince by robust materials and a smart bag system.

About Kübler Workwear

Kübler Workwear is one of the leading German companies in the field of work and protective clothing and works true to its own motto "quality must be produced, it can not be examined publicly."

Taking into account the sustainable and environmentally friendly production of workwear, that is Company active since 1956 and developed, for example, the clip closure, which was used for a long time with bibs application.

Today at Kübler Workwear over 200 employees a job and sew diligently for our workwear, which distinguishes itself according to own data in a special quality.

Delivery with nice accessories

Kübler Workwear im: work

Small gifts get the friendship

At the delivery of Workwear plays a minor role in packagingbecause there is no need to pay attention to transport safety and certainly no one stores his worn clothing in the packaging again.

Nevertheless, I would like to go into a little bit about it here, as little gifts finally get the friendship. As usual for clothing, work trousers and work jacket are packed in simple films, which can be recycled after unpacking.

Interestingly, however, I found small side dishesbut I do not know if they are common. For workwear there was a small cleaning cloth in a plastic bag, an A5 notepad, a small folder with white and colored sticky notes and some bags of gummy bears.

Whether such supplements are now common or not, they show that the manufacturer is trying hard and tries to please its customers with give-aways. It will be accordingly do not hesitate to invest in customer contact.

In addition, the delivery is accompanied by a product description with information on the material and the color variants offered, as well as a small information booklet. This contains not only a size chart but also important information on the use of matching knee pads. Total one meaningful and pleasing delivery composition, Other advertising brochures will be omitted nice way.

The first impression pleases

Kübler Workwear im: which

Kübler PRACTIQ work jacket

Workwear is not just a workwear. Especially private users (and certainly many companies) also put Wert on an appealing design.

The product line Kübler PRACTIQ is currently in the colors sand brown / black, olive / black and anthracite / black available. In front of me are work jacket and work pants in olive / black, which does not necessarily meet my taste on the basis of the color name.

The first impression, however, makes me change and the olive is quite pleasant to look at. It does not seem intrusive, nor does it resemble military clothing. Even though everyone can buy their workwear according to their own color ideas, I would like to give a pro for the color choice olive / black.

In addition to the color, especially the weight of the two garments is noticeable. While the Pants are quite heavy and robust, the jacket is pleasantly soft and light, Visually convince both parts by a modern design, which you can certainly wear in your free time.

Kübler Workwear im: which

Kübler PRACTIQ work trousers

I would even call the PRACTIQ work jacket suitable for everyday use (maybe not exactly olive / black). Although she owns for Workwear typically many pockets and reinforced areasbut does not look like a work jacket at first glance. The soft fabric underlines the impression of a leisure jacket and pleases really well.

What makes for a reduced level of joy at first sight are the so-called holster bags of work pants, Surely they are absolutely practical at work and some will not want to do without it, but those who wear their work trousers in their free time, will probably be little inspired by this typical work trousers detail.

The holster bags can not be removed and I was inclined to find the design not so great. Later, however, the test showed that my little dislike for non-removable holster pockets was unfounded.

In view of my later recognized error regarding the holster bags, the Kübler PRACTIQ workwear impresses first class design, that certainly goes by as a casual clothing. The choice of color remains a matter of taste, but for which different color combinations are available.

Quality and workmanship

Kübler Workwear im: Kübler

Stable double and triple stitching

Of course, the quality and processing of the fabrics used is important for the use of work clothing. The first review says only limited about something longtime durability However, it does indicate whether careful processing is being considered. What is the use of the best fabric when the seams tear?

This is the first thing that makes the heavy work trousers mentioned at the beginning noticeable. A look in the Product description confirmed with the substance specification 260g / m² the feeling of holding a very robust material in your hand. Patch pockets and knee reinforcements look even more stable. CORDURA®, a particularly tear-resistant polyamide fabric, was used here.

Another look is always the seams for me. Are they sewn clean? Are there individual threads? Were one or two seams misplaced? In the Kübler PRACTIQ work trousers sometimes have three seamsin which even after intensive search no blemish can be found.

All seams are perfectly worked and give a very stable impression. Add to that very solid materialwho is not impressed by heavy work.

Kübler Workwear im: which

Only under flashlight, the reflectors stand out clearly.

The Kübler PRACTIQ work jacket differs in the fabric from the pants, which can hardly be rated as positive or negative. On the one hand, it is by one softer and lighter fabric (180g / m²) Working jackets are not as comfortable to wear and understandable as work trousers, but whether in the long run a different fabric of both components is an advantage?

Different fabrics usually mean different demands on the laundry and could eventually lead to an uneven color image of the work clothes. However, since I wear work jackets less often than pants, presumably different levels of washing will cause a discoloration of both parts. So I look at him calmly.

Qualitatively, there is nothing wrong with the jacket and the pants. The Seams are clean and the loading zones according to simple or double executed.

The fabric feels very soft and yet robust on. To be 100% polyester, you should be careful when working with open flame or flying sparks, which I think just a pity for private and very versatile work.

In contrast, polyester offers the advantage of a windproof, water repellent and yet breathable surface, Cotton hardly allows this advantage, so a compromise must be made here. Ideal for outdoor work, but the jacket should rather be stored during sanding. However, this does not change anything about the quality, which is undefeated so far.

Bags without end and attention to detail

Kübler Workwear im: which

Even cordless screwdrivers find space

Kübler advertises the PRACTIQ product line with many practical features, and that's where the name came from. However, any work clothing should be practical and with such a special name, of course more than just a folding rule or mobile phone pocket expected.

Before I start the To enumerate bagsIt has to be said that Kübler Workwear absolutely lives up to this special name. Compared to other brand manufacturers, I do not know any work trousers that offer more "storage space".

But let's start with the Kübler PRACTIQ work jacket, which does not stand out so clearly in terms of features, but also does not have to hide:

  • Two side pockets are standard, but zips prove upscale.
  • The left outer breast pocket has a side opening, which ensures easy placement or removal.
  • On the right side of the bag can be opened in the usual form from above and offers enough space for a large smartphone. Also this bag has a zipper.
  • Inside, an inside pocket with velcro fastener on the left side expands the storage space and even makes a tablet disappear.
  • A split sleeve velcro pocket provides space for small items and writing utensils.

This would already be the most important things housed on the body, the However, Kübler PRACTIQ work trousers offer much more storage space for tools and work equipment.

  • two side pockets with overgrip function (shaped so that it can be gripped with the right hand in the left pocket and vice versa)
  • two holster bags with spacious and three small compartments each
  • two back pockets, right with velcro
  • on the right two patch and movable ruler pockets, a larger compartment behind, pin holder
  • left and right each a differently shaped thigh pocket with zipper
  • left thigh pocket with attached smartphone pocket with velcro closure
  • right hammer loop
  • Slots for knee pads

Kübler Workwear im: Kübler

The zipper garage makes the zipper disappear

I hope I have not forgotten in the multitude. The PRACTIQ work trousers offer more than enough space. This can be used for the most part even without loss in the comfortable seat, as many pockets put on and additionally stretchable by rubbers are.

I wrote "attention to detail" in the headline, and that's no coincidence. Let's start with the holster bags, which are not for everyone (mine either). Initially I wanted to complain that they can not be removed, which is not necessary.

Below the Holster pockets are each a sectionthrough which the pockets can be guided inwards. Thus they disappear completely and without external visibility in the pants. Who now suspects that the additional fabric could be wrinkled in the pants or somehow press, I can absolutely calm down. The "hidden" holster bags fit perfectly and are not felt when worn, sitting and moving.

Another interesting detail, which was previously unknown to me, are the Zippergaragen. The term actually already betrays the intended use. If the zippers are closed, as is customary during washing, the zippers (movable slides on the zipper) can be closed on the End in a sheath of the pants fabric slide.

On the one hand, this prevents them from rubbing against the fabric during washing, and on the other hand, metal parts that disappear on the other hand disappear large workpieces lead to scratches can. A small idea with a big impact.

Kübler Workwear im: which

Even large smartphones find their safe place

Of course, it is difficult to describe each one in their capacity, because everyone here has their own Use find and hardly all stowage possibilities will use. However, I like to pay special attention to the "cell phone case", which now has almost every work clothing.

Unfortunately, many still refer to the term "cell phone" and neglect that Smartphones now 5 inches standard are. The bag designed for this purpose may well be called a smartphone case in the case of the Kübler PRACTIQ work trousers.

She is big enoughto even a Galaxy S5 and certainly comparable model even with a leather case. Although this is exhausted, it is likely to more than satisfy the majority of smartphone users. Without a leather cover the phone may be even bigger.

Interesting is the arrangement of the bag. This sits on the left thigh pocket and can be opened while standing forward. What seems very unusual at first, however, is very practical. Standing, the smartphone can be removed normally, sitting, however, the opening direction shows its advantages.

If the smartphone rings in the car, otherwise it is very difficult to get the mobile device out of the bag, as it usually sits tighter and the phone has to be pulled out of the bag in the direction of the body. In the Kübler working trousers show the pocket opening sitting up and the smartphone can literally be taken out of the bag with left. For hobby work trousers wearers, their work trousers daily and just as I'm sitting at the desk wear, an absolutely great idea.

No weaknesses in daily interaction

Kübler Workwear im: which

Comfortable in all working situations with enough storage space

As described, I always wear work pants in my spare time and for a week the Kübler PRACTIQ was my daily companion. After that time, I can assert that they are this made no weaknesses Has.

Whether in daily use or at work, the pants are comfortable and you hardly have the feeling to wear a pair of work trousers. Even the holster bags I leave most of the time outside and enjoy the benefits used. Everything that is stowed in it is easy to reach and not felt by the flexible approach to the body.

I have to admit that Holster bags a really practical invention are, even if I optically sure not get used to it. However, what is my personal taste and does not affect the test verdict.

In addition to my spare time, the Kübler working pants of course also worn in the home and here I could rely on them. When cladding the workshop ceiling with OSB panels, the screws disappeared in the Pocket and even the cordless screwdriver is easily absorbed.

Kübler Workwear im: work

To protect against dust, the work jacket is worn in the heated workshop.

Usual 10.8 V screwdrivers fit comfortably in the holster or side pockets and even not too large 18 V screwdrivers stuck to the handle in the trouser pocket and are held securely. Not quite as comfortable but in fact I even had a heavy 18 V impact drill in my pocket. What is certainly not common, however, shows that The bags offer more than enough space and you do not have to do without anything in the field.

Since I work mainly in the heated workshop, the Kübler PRACTIQ work jacket was not stressed so much during the test period and rather warmed over. Here, of course, makes the soft fabric and therefore comfortable fit noticeable.

Despite the low weight and the Thinner fabric keeps you pretty warm and leaves a very good freedom of movement to. Even if it concerns the private user less, of course, the reflectors are useful, the optically well fitted and not look set.

After all the benefits and shortcomings that could not be found, a little disillusionment came with the washing. As mentioned at the beginning, jacket and knit consist of different fabrics, which is noticeable in the washing requirements.

While the Work trousers (55% cotton, 45% polyamide) washed at 60° and may also be dried in a dryer, the work jacket is a little more limited. With 100% polyester may be washed at a maximum of 30° be and has to dry on a leash. Especially with work wear, which sometimes has to be washed through after an intensive use "fast times for the next day", no big advantage.

The different washing methods also confirm my concern that both garments will differ in color after a few washes. Unfortunately, the opposite can only be proven after a long-term test.

Conclusion: PRACTIQ is practical

Kübler Workwear im: workwear

Our rating for the Kübler PRACTIQ work trousers

Better, than with the title, the conclusion can hardly summarize. Kübler does not just advertise with one practical use of workwearbut also implements it to a special extent. PRACTIQ is practical.

The Kübler PRACTIQ work trousers offer many pockets and storage options and a very flexible and practical use. However, not only indiscriminately additional pockets were attached, but good at each one worked and they met their requirements designed according to.

The smartphone case offers enough space to carry a 5 "smartphone including a leather case or the side pockets provide enough storage space for smaller and larger cordless screwdrivers Holster bags can be put inside when not in use and are quickly ready for use when needed. Rulebook bag, knee protector inserts and hammer loop are also part of the equipment.

The quality of both products is reflected in extremely strong fabrics and perfectly worked seams, which are single, double or even triple, depending on the stress zone. The PRACTIQ work trousers and the PRACTIQ work jacket feature discreet reflectors However, they are clearly visible when exposed to light and provide more safety in the field.

Kübler Workwear im: which

Our evaluation for the Kübler PRACTIQ work jacket

As a special refinement, the PRACTIQ has workwear Zipper garages in which the zippers of the zippers disappear and do not cause unwanted scratches or damage from friction during washing or while working. All in all, the Kübler PRACTIC can complete work trousers and work jackets with a perfect result, which is rounded off by a good wearing comfort.

Despite the many positive points, I unfortunately have to deduct a half star from the Kübler PRACTIQ work jacket. Although 100% polyester offer one soft, air permeable and yet water repellent fabric, which significantly increases the wearing comfort, yet they disadvantage the jacket during the washing process.

The work jacket may be washed at a maximum of 30° and not dried in a tumble dryer, which makes a common washing with the associated work trousers difficult. Especially the lack of drying option, I see here as a disadvantage, Qualitatively and functionally, there is nothing wrong with the Kübler work jacket.

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