The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: outdoor

Every review certainly raises questions. The test of Low pressure cleaner Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 from Kärcher but starts very specifically:

  • What is a low-pressure cleaner?
  • A high-pressure cleaner with less pressure?
  • What does one need such a device for?
  • What is the use of mobile?

As a tester I do not want to exempt myself from the questions. I too am one Low pressure cleaner completely unknown and I can not do anything with the term. The more interesting this test should be.

I still have it at the moment no precise idea of ​​what I could use the little KärcherBut step by step, I will deal with the questions and certainly reach a clear conclusion: Is the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 as practical as it is described by Kärcher?

Technical specifications


  • Working pressure - 0.5 Mpa
  • Water tank - 4 l
  • maximum flow rate - 2 l / min
  • maximum suction height 0.5 m
  • Battery - 6 V Lithium Ion
  • Battery life - about 15 min
  • Battery charging time - about 3 hours
  • Sound pressure level - 69 dB (A)
  • Dimensions - 235 x 277 x 202 mm
  • Working temperature - 0 - 40° C

What is a low-pressure cleaner?

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: Kärcher

Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner - Packaging

As described in the beginning, such a device is unknown to me and unfortunately also the search on the internet offers little clues.

Only larger industrial devices are listed here. The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 seems to be something new to be, which did not exist in this form before.

The term definition, however, seems quite clear. The high-pressure cleaner cleans by means of high water pressure, after which a low-pressure cleaner similar with a lower water pressure should reach.

A of course, mobile version allows his boots or his bike directly at the place of use of dirt and mud so that the possible means of transport - bus, train, car - does not suffer from off-road use.

But how should you imagine cleaning? Do you have one small canister in hand, leaving the water to run only on his bike or is pumping a pump bottle superfluous and spraying the water?

In any case, the advertised fields of application promise one wide range of use and that even mud on the profile of a mountain bike rinse.

To save another guessing, I now take the box from the desk, go with it in the Workshop and then safely in the garden. The weather invites you to an extensive test.

The packaging promises a small and mobile use

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: cleaner

Clear scope of delivery

The name "Mobile Outdoor Cleaner" promises a mobile application and accordingly falls the Packaging with about 38 x 28 x 26 cm quite handy out.

Outwardly she advertises in the first place with one varied use for bicycles, shoes, tools, stroller... But also more detailed product details and technical data can be found in the imprint.

Here I falter the first time. A Flow rate of a maximum of 2 l / min with a tank capacity of 4 l correspond to a calculated working time of 2 min. Does it make sense? I'm curious how this works in practice.

But continue to the inside of the packaging and the delivery. This is quite manageable and safe in the box accommodated. At first glance, the OC 3, a small box with the power adapter and a manual will be visible.

Everything securely fixed between styrofoam pieces. More is not visible and unpacking it fast done.

A mighty thick manual

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: Kärcher

A short but clear manual

The user manual suggests with 172 pages a large range of functions, the German Part is limited to a short 6 pages and the rest are needed for more languages.

However, these six pages are absolutely sufficient. in the Cover provides a clear illustration with numbering the individual parts for a good overview and also optional accessories is listed.

Practically that is Accessories marked with asterisks as such and thus it is clear that it has to be purchased additionally if required.

After the safety instructions (in capital letters) follow all relevant instructions for handling the mobile Kärcher. That too optional accessories are described here, The manual can thus be taken everything what is necessary and it serves its purpose 100%.

In principle, I am in favor of distributing different languages ​​over several operating instructions in order to just have to pick up the important part when OC 3 should However, a single reading of the manual be sufficient and it does not have to be stored permanently.

The first impression and features of the Karcher OC 3

The outdoor cleaner appears in the typical black / yellow and therefore adapts to the usual design from Kärcher. D

Although he big rubber closure of the water tank acts somehow like a "replacement closure", but overall awakens the OC 3 one solid impression and you can say that he looks good, It's not just a piece of technology, it's also where designers worked.

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: outdoor

Chic design with rubber closure

The functional scope is Of course not huge and therefore there are also few operating functions to judge. First and foremost, of course, the tank must be filled. For this purpose, the two-part handle is pulled upwards. Two-piece, as this one carries the entire Kärcher and the other one second bracket for the tank contains.

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: cleaner

Two-piece handle for carrying and opening

Lifting the Handle bar is still a bit hakelig and requires two hands, which will surely change after some use.

When the stirrup is fully extended, the upper part can be forward worked and removed the tank at his own grip become. That does not cause any problems.

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: Kärcher

Tank is easy to remove

The tank is quite flat and handy, so it is easy to fill almost every sink or sink leaves. The rubber closure, however, is a bit fiddly.

It can be opened easily, but the closing is already more complicated. background is certainly a variant that seals, leaves air and for outdoor use suitable is.

On Screw cap with vacuum mechanism would be less useful here, especially since such a lid is much higher would. So I'm friends with the rubber version.

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: low-pressure

Accessories well stowed

The Assembly after filling is again quite easy, To do this, the pressure hose is pushed backwards (remove the nozzle and do not forget to put it on the pressure gun) and put the tank back in the reverse order.

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: low-pressure

Lay the hose outwards

So I am not completely satisfied with the handle and I'm not (yet) sure whether the combination of carrying handle and tank lock is so cheap, The reason for this variant is certainly the high center of gravity of the tank.

If the handle were only attached to the lower part of the pump unit, the upper tank would be the entire Keep Kärcher tilted while carrying, The extra grip on the tank instead ensures good wearing comfort. Maybe it would be better, the Tank down to install.

Thus, the focus would be in the lower part and the tank could be exchanged for a larger if necessary.

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: mobile

Put the tank back on

Battery, charging time and battery life

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: low-pressure

Small but sufficient power supply

Installed is a 6 volt lithium-ion battery, which at my discretion has sufficient power should have. The capacity (amount of storage) of the battery is unfortunately not specified. Instead, 15 minutes advertised, which is absolutely ok for the purpose. For more time-consuming work you should resort to a larger device.

The power supply to charge the battery is very small with 0.6 A and also the The specified charging time is not exactly up to date for about 3 hours, In view of the intended use, but I think this combination is quite reasonable.

Although it is often advertised with a quick charger, but that one fast charge strains the battery and thus shortens the lifetime, like to be kept secret.

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: Kärcher

Behind a rubber seal the charging socket

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 is designed for outdoor use to have it with you and, for example, to clean the dirty mountain bike before loading it.

Probably days will pass before the next mission. It brings therefore no advantages if the battery charge in 30 minutes leaves. However, it protects him, if you do without a fast charge.

At the quite long loading time is therefore nothing to complain about and the charging process is easy. On Rubber cover closes the charging socket and protects it from moisture.

Will that be Charging cable inserted, the charging process begins, which is indicated by an LED becomes. This also indicates when it has to be charged or when the battery has reached its charging capacity.

Practically, maybe a 12 Volt connection for the vehicle electrical system voltage, to load on demand also mobile to be able to. Since it would be appropriate if the battery tends to the end, but this is not yet signaled. Unfortunately, the OC 3 does not have a battery indicator, which I generally consider useful with Li-ion batteries.

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 in use

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: mobile

Flat and with a large opening, the tank is easy to fill

After all parts have been inspected and the battery has been charged, the first use can be made. Already when studying the packaging the combination was canceled 4 liter tank capacity and 2 L / min flow rate not necessarily positivebecause this means a maximum labor input of about 2 minutes.

The first test is therefore the, actually check possible working hours, So I filled the tank, put myself in front of the sink in the workshop and stopped time.

After a minute it was already a bit much and after 2 minutes and 8 seconds it was actually over, 2 minutes sound after a very short time.

But if you stand there and let the water just run, they can become very long and you can mentally relax so probably clean a whole bike.

I no longer look at the 2 minutes with such great skepticism. What can actually be achieved over time will be shown in the following practical applications.

The first test of children's toys

I have to admit that I'm not a big outdoor fan when it comes to mountain biking and similar activities. That's why I limit mine Test objects on typical uses in the house, yard and garden, Of course, this also includes children and their toys, which likes to camp outdoors and is exposed to wind and weather.

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: mobile

Deposited dirt dissolves easily...

A high pressure washer would probably do more damage here instead of cleaning it. Therefore, the should Kärcher low-pressure cleaner can be the ideal aid.

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: mobile

... deep impurities remain however.

The cleaning shows only limited, as the Surfaces of the playhouse have already suffered a lot and pulled the dirt into the porous surface is. However, dirt deposited on the surface by rain is removed well.

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: outdoor

Ideal for cleaning children's toys

Well, I think the use of this in any case. Which child already wants to clean the toy with bucket and rag. I think the OC 3 Give children safely in the hand. I have to worry more about the quarrels, which of both may clean first.

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: Kärcher

That certainly makes fun for the kids

Harder use on the car

Even if the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner Of course, it is not supposed to be a toy for children his. Therefore, our car is in the next test.

After the winter, scattered roads and our unpaved parking lot, you can see him daily use. Of course, with one do not wash a whole car like this mobile device, after a field use, however, at least splashes and the like should be removed.

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: Kärcher

Not for large cleaning but for a quick rinse

For this I have a look thrown into the wheel well, in which but a lot of dirt and grass fixed Has. Of course, road salt also has one for you stubborn pollution taken care of.

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: outdoor

Pollution from road, road salt and unpaved parking

After I realized that I can give the little Kärcher also in children's hands, I was a little skeptical that I will succeed in a cleaning. But I was surprised.

Clearly, the wheel arch does not look like it did after a complete wash, but it is clear to see how much has been washed out. Fresh soiling, as they arise in the field, should therefore not be a major problem.

Even though I think that the Outdoor Cleaner is not intended for such applications and also not armed, he was able to complete the test surprisingly well.

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: low-pressure

An amazingly good result

With the dog and the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner in the game

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: low-pressure

On a cleaning of the paws our dog did not enter,

According to advertising by Kärcher is the small low-pressure cleaner also good for dog paws suitable where a lot can get stuck after a walk. I would like to try this on our boxer.

However, as you can see in the previous pictures for the test, this took place on the first really warm (15° C) and sunny day of this year. We finally have winter.

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: Kärcher

The new drinking water source was a good fit for this.

Unfortunately, our dog also enjoys the great weather and when he enjoys the weather, he is neither slowed down nor "dead", as the saying goes. Even after a lot of play and a lot of raving, he was not persuaded to get his paws cleaned. He was just too turned on.

But hunters are thirsty and our boxer loves to drink from the garden hose. So I could still persuade him to get acquainted with the Kärcheto close r.

Even if this did not happen in the planned sense. It shows, however, that the Low pressure is absolutely safe when used with dogs.

Cleaning after work

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: Kärcher

No challenge but very practical

Let's get to the typical area of ​​application. Man (n) comes out of the garden, has the Boots full of mud and leaves on the paved courtyard unsightly traces.

This is of course not and the boots should first be cleared of the mud. The Kärcher is ideal for this. Without Problems he washes everything off and also the soles are clean again.

Certainly the garden hose could be used for this, but sometimes it has to be unrolled, is not Everywhere handy, some gardens are outside and have no electricity for the pump... There are many situations in which a battery-operated device can exploit its advantages. The After all, a cordless screwdriver is also the most popular toolalthough there are networked screwdrivers.

Dirty boots are of course not a big challenge and the task was mastered easily, but proved to be very beneficial water jet of the Karcher.

So even the shaft can be cleaned well, without the trouser legs to bathe. Small, handy, no water runs out during transport and you will not get wet hands when cleaning - the advantages speak clearly for the Kärcher against the water hose or other aids.

Graduation in practical use

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: outdoor

Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 is fun

Finally, it can be said that the little Kärcher is fun and certainly still give some applications become.

Exemplary would be the external window cleaning at the house. With the OC 3 the Remove coarse dirt and then dry the windows with a window vacuum or quickly provide the flowers with water to which the garden hose is not enough.

The initially criticized small tank contents was forgotten in the tests. 4 L is more than intended and refueled only once for all shown tests (including dog play). The Battery held and has not reported at all.

However, it was still a bit annoying quite stiff handle that needs two hands, to lift it and use it for carrying.With regular exercise will hopefully lay down soon.

What will not stop, is one Missing holder for the pressure gun, If this is stowed under the water tank, the Kärcher is good to transport, the Water hose, however, laid outwards, this must be additionally held with the handpiece.

On Bracket would be more than practical, To be able to carry the Kärcher with one hand.

I would like to have the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 with one Endurance test brought to the battery limit, including extremely practical accessories is available, Especially I would have a suction hose stimulated, with which the Kärcher can even use water from a bucket, a stream or a puddle.

Unfortunately, the OC 3 is just fresh on the market and the accessories are not yet widely available. When he should, however, extended practical accessories with it become.

Conclusion: Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 in the test

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 (low-pressure cleaner) in: outdoor

Our rating

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 is a low-pressure cleaner and can not be compared with a high-pressure cleaner! Everyone should be aware of this, who decides to buy. It can not therefore be expected that the small battery Kärcher eats through hard dirt crusts or cleans the terrace.

5 bar are slightly more than the pressure of the water pipe, which are pressed through a small nozzle to to undertake targeted small cleaning work.

This work is made by the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 from Kärcher very good and technically there is nothing to complain about. 5 Bar is the borderline between good cleaning and safe use of dog paws or use by children cleaning their garden toys.

The very small-acting tank for 4 liters of water proved to be quite sufficient in the test, nevertheless the possibility would be desirable to use a larger one. The battery power of about 15 minutes working time is rather a minor matter, since longer work assignments are unlikely to be expected.

Even though there is nothing to complain about technically, the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 from Kärcher does not achieve five stars, which mostly refers to suggestions for improvement. He forms one new form of pressure washer and there are still some thingsthat can be improved in the successor model.

Calling it "teething problems" would not be correct, as it is not a disease or a mistake. Hence the term improvements. Exemplary would be the slightly hakelige carrying handle, an fmauling holder for the pressure gun, the non-existent charging option in the vehicle, a battery status indicator or fumbling tank cap.

If you do not mind the small points and have ideas for good missions, you will love the OC 3. Qualitatively there is - as usual at Kärcher - nothing to complain about.

The field of application of the little carver is so varied that the pictures on the packaging or the homepage of Kärcher are just examples. All over, where running water is needed, the small Kärcher can be an advantage. As a cleaning device, he must certainly not always be seen.

The really good four stars has earned the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 honest and thus receives our buy recommendation.

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