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Kärcher SC 3000

Kärcher steam cleaner: nozzle

Cleaning with steam: Does this really work? Steam cleaners work without chemicalsThe only cleaning agent is pure, hot water vapor. How and if this works should be checked in this home improvement test. The test object: The Kärcher SC 3000.

Can buckets, rags and scrubbers really be put in the corner? More about this in our steam cleaner test. The one for the Interior cleaning designed steam cleaner was in a variety of situations and at the various surfaces tested.

Steam Cleaner: How does it work?

This is how a steam cleaner works

Kärcher steam cleaner: cleaner

This is how a steam cleaner works

Cleaning with steam - is that even possible? Steam is nothing but hot water under pressure. The fine, atomised steam from a steam cleaner works with a rinsing effect: h. Penetrates deeply into the poresAn efferent steam penetrates the dirt particles and removes them so from the structure of the material to be cleaned.

What remains is only dissolved in the water and easily aufzuschbare dirt. Chemistry is not necessary at all. The steam is, with standard household steam cleaners, about 100° C hot. These Temperatures are made possible by an overpressure in the device, at about one to one and a half bar.

By the Combination of heat, steam and pressure Then comes the cleaning effect of the steam cleaner.

Kärcher SC 3000: Technical data

  • Maximum heating power: 1,800 watts
  • Heating time: 6 minutes
  • Maximum steam pressure: 3.5 bar
  • Tank capacity: 1 l
  • Cable length: 5 m
  • Safety devices: Safety lock with pressure lock to prevent accidental opening under pressure
  • Weight: 3.1 kg

Installation and commissioning

The commissioning of the Kärcher steam cleaner at the beginning of the steam cleaner test is pleasingly easy.

After unpacking first the large wheels at the rear and the small, rotatable roller mounted at the front become. The steam hose and the manual valve are already assembled. Fill with water

Kärcher steam cleaner: nozzle

Fill with water

Then one liter of water is filled in the tank. This one is with one secured solid, pressure-tight closure, which turned tight after filling becomes.

Now the device is plugged in and the power switch is pressed. Two indicator lights on the front light up: One Green power indicator light and the orange thermostat lamp.

Kärcher steam cleaner: Kärcher

water filler

Until this goes out and that Device is ready to pass about six to eight minutes, depending on the temperature of the filled water.

Kärcher steam cleaner: cleaner

Indicator lights

Accessories and attachments for the steam cleaner

The Kärcher SC 3000 works with hot water vapor, which is passed through one of the various essays on the object to be cleaned.

The following accessories are included for the steam cleaner test: Point jet nozzle, round brush, power nozzle, hand nozzle and floor nozzle.

These are suitable for different tasks: The Most powerful cleaning effect can be with the intensive jet to reach.

This concentrates the jet of steam on a tiny point exit and creates a very powerful, hot Dampfstrahl for stains and strong impurities, The disadvantage here is the low surface effect.

Kärcher steam cleaner: nozzle

intensive essay

The large brush attachment agrees for slightly larger areas such as Window sills or kitchen tiles that reached comfortably by hand can be. The glass cleaning can be performed best with him.

The Brush attachment can also be, but with reduced effect, put on the long steam pipe. In the terrace tiles we tested, it showed the best effect in our steam cleaner test.

Kärcher steam cleaner: Kärcher

Large brush attachment,

The small brush attachment is ideal for joints of all kinds. For example, in the bathroom, but also in the Kitchen and garden creates this tower through its combined Steam / brushing effect even stubborn dirt.

Also for them Intensive cleaning of stains is this essay, as a supplement to the intensive jet, very suitable.

Kärcher steam cleaner: steam

Small brush attachment

For use on tiled, laminated or sealed, smooth surfaces in interiors, the surface nozzle is suitable with the enclosed terry cloth cover, This is washable and can be easily cleaned after cleaning in the washing machine.

Kärcher steam cleaner: nozzle

Large steam nozzle for surfaces

The Kärcher SC 3000 can also be operated without an attachment: The not additionally swirled steam jet from the handset already has a rather strong cleaning effect, which is at use limited space or sensitive materials leaves.

Steam cleaners with the Kärcher SC 3000

Since the Steam cleaners in principle with the cleaned inner surfaces good results showed, we were interested in how the device behaves in exceptional situations, for example in a Mossy patio tile made of shell limestonethat used to be reluctant to use detergents in the past.

Kärcher steam cleaner: nozzle

Heavily soiled tiles

Usually are Such contamination only with chemical cleaning agents such as moss removers or high-pressure cleaners to eliminate. We want to try it with pure steam - let's see what that brings.

The big steam nozzle

First, the steam pipe must be connected for the steam cleaner test. This is possible quite simply via an intuitive and smooth to be operated bayonet lock.

Kärcher steam cleaner: nozzle

Connect the steam pipe

It's just as easy to turn on the Steam supply: There are only three settings. The lock of the handle is marked by a lock symbol, a small and a large cloud symbolize little and much vapor pressure.

Intuitively we have, since this is one relatively large area is, gripped to the large floor steam nozzle.

Kärcher steam cleaner: nozzle

Control unit for steam regulation

The connection works as above on the steam pipe. The however, a large nozzle does not do much to pollute it and should, as intended by the manufacturer, be used only for internal cleaning.

Use of the big hand brush

The hand brush on the steam pipe is a bit better.

By the additional, mechanical brush effect the dirt can move much better to the resolution.

The Steam pipe, however, seems to swallow some of the pressure, we decide to mount the hand brush directly on the handset. As with a vacuum cleaner, this is easily possible.

Kärcher steam cleaner: cleaner

Cleaning with hand-held device and large brush attachment

Now, as we continue to work on our knees, the potential of the device becomes apparent: with Neat pressure, hisses and tears pressure the steam moss and dirt particles from the natural stone.

The stone is getting whiter, the outflowing mud changes from dark brown to muddy green.

At the subsequent rinsing this is removed without residue, The result is something to be proud of: the tile is clean and, unlike the other panels, it is white.

Kärcher steam cleaner: Kärcher

Clean tile

Video: Kärcher SC 3000 in the home improvement test

Good result with the hand brush

With the large hand brush a pore-deep result can be achieved - for some surfaces perhaps too deep. The Surface is clean, but also a bit rough, The vapor pressure flushes out the pores of the natural stone and makes the surface slightly porous.

Kärcher steam cleaner: steam

Dirty at the bottom, clean at the top

The mussel lime we cleaned does not really matter However, more sensitive stones such as marble or slate could be bad for such a treatment to take.

Nevertheless: that Result without chemistry, annoying dirty splashes and convinced with a moderate noise level!

Kärcher steam cleaner: steam

Power steam: small cleaning brush

Stains and stubborn dirt: The intensive nozzles

Now let's go into detail: the legacy of a bird and the Fugues of the stone slabs are targeted with the Kärcher steam cleaner taken. First, we assemble the small cleaning nozzle.

Kärcher steam cleaner: steam

Precise and powerful: intensive nozzle

This goes with powerful steam development, a pithy hiss and great thoroughness to work - unfortunately in a relatively limited space.

The cleaning effect convinced: The exiting steam jet is sharp and intense, the Dirt dissolves quickly through the hard but flexible bristles from cracks and depressions.

Kärcher steam cleaner: steam

Stain removal with the intensive jet

Is it even more intense? In the steam cleaner test we try it out. The bright red intensive nozzle signals with shape and colorin that it represents the upper end of the performance scale.

The aThe steam jet has a noticeable recoil and blows the dirt powerfully from - but this is more suitable for a punctual cleaning. We therefore take a tough spot, presumably bird droppings, in each case stubborn.

Intensive nozzle against bird droppings

We set the intensive nozzle on the spot and give it proper steam: First dissolve smaller parts, then the stain is slowly, but steadily washed away. The distance is a bit tedious, but thorough.

Kärcher steam cleaner: nozzle

Spot away: Right in the picture

The environment of the stain is, unlike many times with chemical cleaners, not discolored after use. Again, we can be satisfied: The Encrustation was considerable, the steam nozzle washed her away, Thumbs up!

test result

The Kärcher SC 3000 is workingVery quiet and effective, The surfaces we tested were really clean after thorough use. And also in outdoor usefor which the device was not intended, could eliminated significant contamination become.

The advantages of a steam cleaning are obvious: heat-resistant surfaces that are allergic to chemicals are used with the Steam cleaners gently cleaned and pore-deep, In addition, the device does not splash: cleaning next to windows or bright walls and wallpaper are easily possible, it rises only lighter, warm steam.

The operation Overall, it seemed very safe to us, practically you can not fault do. The heat indicator light and the operation indicator light are large and well placed, but could be slightly lighter. The manual control is self-explanatory, the connection of the accessories as well.

Particularly noteworthy is the pressure-locked water tank lid: Only when the device has escaped the last residual vapor pressure, it can be opened. Scalding is almost impossible. Nevertheless, a steam cleaner should be used with caution: The Escaping steam can be up to 110° C hot, skin contacts lead to scalding.

Conclusion: Recommended!

Steam cleaning: Clean properly with steam

The second round of our steam cleaner test: What can you clean with steam? We present the Kärcher SC 3000 steam cleaner and its cleaning effect on a variety of materials and give practical advice.

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