Kärcher Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018

Purchase advice on the Kärcher steam cleaner comparison or test 2018

  • With the steam cleaner you clean surfaces in the household by means of high air pressure, which sprays heated water in the tank as steam. If no brush attachment is included with the product, it is advisable to wipe the damp areas with a cloth after a steam cleaning.
  • The steam cleaning is particularly environmentally friendly and allergy-friendly: Chemical cleaning agents are not required to kill pathogens. kill. This is already done by the irradiation with the hot steam. Likewise, you save yourself an excessive manual effort.
  • In the period from 1980 to 2015, the world market leader for steam cleaning appliances Kärcher, based in Winnenden, was able to record a steady increase in sales. In 2015, the traditional German company generated sales of 2.224 billion euros (source: Kärcher).

Kärcher Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: comparison

"Carters" is now called cleaning with steam cleaners. The reason for this is the German-based manufacturer "Kärcher", which is a global leader in the field of steam cleaners. And since just under 30% of Austrian households surveyed for the 2015 Household Report study use steam cleaners, the term has now become more established.

From hand tools (Handdampfreiniger) to stalk devices (steam brush) and floor equipment (Bodenendampfreiniger) there at Kärcher the right model for every application and application to buy. With separately available accessories - eg. As brushes, nozzles, cleaning attachments - can be additionally optimized cleaning.

In the Kärcher steam cleaner comparison 2018, we will inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of steam cleaning, the various fields of application and the most important purchase criteria of the current Kärcher appliances.

1. The Kärcher steam cleaner removes 99.99% of bacteria and germs

Kärcher Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: cleaner

Efficient cleaning with the SC4 from Kärcher.

The operation of a steam cleaner is simple. The heating of water in a tank provided for this purpose, on the one hand water vapor, on the other hand, a powerful air jet, which ultimately emits the water molecules via a nozzle to the surfaces to be treated.

The steam jet is aimed at soiling, which, thanks to the built-up air pressure and the heated water, softens and can thus be loosened or removed.

In addition, in this process proven to eliminate 99.99 percent of all common household bacteria and germs - completely without chemical cleaner and without high use of physical strength (source: Kärcher).

Uses of the steam cleaner are u. a. Tile joints, kitchen and bath taps, hobs and mirrors. In the set with Iron Kit, some Kärcher steam cleaners can also be used as steam pressure irons.

The Advantages and disadvantages of a Kärcher steam cleaner We have compiled for you in the following overview:

  • High level of hygiene: Almost 100% of bacteria and germs are killed.
  • Thorough, environmentally friendly cleaning: Thanks to special nozzles and nozzles, even hard-to-reach areas are reached and, moreover, cleaned completely without chemical cleaning agents.
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers: The airways are not irritated by water vapor.
  • Power saving: Exhaustive scrubbing is unnecessary, because you simply hold the jet of steam on the areas to be treated.
  • Some surfaces may not be treated with steam: Caution should be exercised with materials that are sensitive to moisture and temperatures. These include u.a. Carpets with wool or unwaxed parquet.
  • Danger due to improper use: It may cause burns and scalding if you use the device improperly in violation of the instructions.
  • Power Source: Electricity - because, on the other hand, it is absolutely necessary for conventional cleaning when using a steam cleaner, which is also noticeable in electricity billing.

2. These steam cleaners from Kärcher are available for purchase

The product range of the manufacturer Kärcher currently includes five steam cleaners, to which a matching accessory is also available. At this point you will get an overview of the individual models in our Kärcher steam cleaner comparison 2018.

Kärcher ModelThat can be the device
The SC 1: The compact model

Kärcher Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: steam

  • suitable for quick cleaning of small surfaces such as the shower or the stove, as it is a handheld steam cleaner.
  • often called "steam duck" because of its shape
  • Due to its low weight it is easy to hold
  • can be used with Floorkit (including extension tube and floor attachment) as a floor steam cleaner
The SC 2: The model for beginners

Kärcher Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: cleaner

  • As a simple model it already has all the important steam cleaner functions
  • is very manoeuvrable and particularly suitable for extensive mopping operations in larger households (with terrace, car)
  • brings a steam time four times longer than the SC 1 model
The SC 3: This model is ready anytime

Kärcher Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: cleaner

  • Brings the fastest operational readiness - heated up within 30 seconds and suitable for spontaneous steam applications
  • suitable for extensive use in larger households (with terrace, car)
  • can be permanently filled with water during the steam process
  • has an innovative descaling system due to the descaling shower
The SC 4: The most comfortable model

Kärcher Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: cleaner

  • is particularly suitable for extensive plastering projects in larger households (with terrace, car)
  • has a tank that can be taken off and therefore can easily be refilled
  • is particularly user-friendly due to contactless changing of the cloth
The SC 5: the most powerful model

Kärcher Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: cleaner

  • is particularly suitable for extensive use in larger households (with terrace, car)
  • offers both the VapoHydro function and the Comfort Plus floor nozzle the best cleaning performance among the Kärcher steam cleaners
Our conclusion: Do you have a smaller area to clean, such as Your hobs or the shower stall wall? Then we recommend a Kärcher handheld steam cleaner. If you would like to clean larger areas, then a classic floor steam cleaner is worthwhile for you.

3. Purchase criteria - Note these points when purchasing a Kärcher steam cleaner

3.1. The result of the cleaning

Good to know

Kärcher Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: cleaner

From one liter of water can be about 1,673 liters of water vapor win. This amount of steam is usually sufficient for an area of ​​about 75 m² or for a steam duration of about twenty minutes.

Kärcher steam cleaners convince in relevant tests: With each of the devices you can achieve perfect cleaning results.

The cleaning with steam can, if the equipment is used correctly, it will lead to more hygiene than conventional cleaning by hand. Enders, a Stuttgart-based laboratory, which deals with medical diagnostics, confirmed that up to 99.99% of bacteria and germs of common household hard surfaces such as tiles can be removed by a thorough cleaning using the Kärcher steam cleaner.

For best results, you should spray the surface to be treated with steam for a few minutes - because only the water coming out of the nozzle has enough heat to reliably kill germs and bacteria. Additional nozzle attachments increase the cleaning performance.

Both the SC3, the SC4 and the SC5 achieve the best results as steam cleaners of the Kärcher series. The Kärcher steam cleaner comparison 2018 also shows that these are the best steam cleaners from the manufacturer Kärcher.

Time spent: The steam cleaning is not faster than conventional cleaning. In order to solve really stubborn dirt, the hot steam has to act on it for several minutes. Then wipe the treated area with a clean microfiber cloth.

3.2. Heating time and heating power

A 1,200 to 2,200 strong wattage promise the steam cleaners manufacturer Kärcher. A high wattage is decisive for the good heating performance of the device. The Kärcher model SC 3 is the fastest with a wattage of 1,900 W. - because after half a minute he is ready for action.

Kärcher Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: Kärcher

Fastest to use: the SC 3 from Kärcher.

The slowest of the Kärcher series: The SC2 - because it takes about 6 minutes to get hotter.

The cleaning result is largely determined by the maximum vapor pressure of the device, The higher this is, the stronger the cleaning effect of the steam appliance.

3.3. Safety and handling

The devices are similar in terms of their handling, operability and safety. The sole and main difference is the regulation of steam quantity, which is mounted on the handle on some models, on others on the device.

A more comfortable one is definitely one From the handle to be regulated amount of steam, as is the case with the SC 3 model and the SC 4 model the case is.

Child restraints can be found on all Kärcher steam cleaners again. Thus, the tank does not allow you to operate until the pressure of the water drops, and no hot water vapor escapes, which can lead to injuries.

Do not burn your fingers! If you change the water tank or towels, be careful not to scald yourself.

3.4. Accessories

The Kärcher models are sometimes supplied with accessory sets of three categories: the Classic set, the Comfort set or the Comfort Plus set. With the additional brushes, nozzles and extension hoses you can also work on areas that would otherwise be difficult to clean.

Kärcher Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: steam

4. FAQ: Questions and answers about Kärcher steam cleaners

4.1. For which areas of application is the Kärcher steam cleaner suitable?

In the context of our purchase consultation in the Kärcher steam cleaner comparison 2018 we have one Overview of the different device types and their areas of application put together for you:

floor cleaning

Kärcher Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: 2018

Clean floors without scrubbing and scrubbing

The cleaning of floors (tiles, tiles, laminate, parquet) is possible with the following Kärcher floor steam cleaners:

SC 1: AsFloorkit Set with floor nozzle

SC 2, SC 3, SC 4, SC 5

Bathroom cleaning

Kärcher Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: steam

Simply dissolve stubborn lime

Annoying deposits of limescale in the bathroom (sink, shower) can be removed with the following Kärcher steam cleaners:

SC 1 - SC 5

kitchen cleaning

Kärcher Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: comparison

Remove grease films from kitchen faucets and hobs

Your cooking area is rid of dirt with a terry cloth cover that you attach to the nozzle of your appliance:

SC 1 - SC 5

steam ironing

Kärcher Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: 2018

Steam ironing in half the time

If you replace the Kärcher accessory for cleaning with the Kärcher steam pressure iron, you save almost half the time, thanks to the steam pressure, unlike conventional irons:

The SC 4 and the SC 5: Im Iron Kit Set with ironing accessories

Conclusion: The most flexible are the SC 4 and SC 5. With these you can - through the Iron Kit Accessories extended - not only clean floors, bathroom and kitchen, but also iron.

4.2. For which areas of application are Kärcher steam cleaners unsuitable?

Kärcher Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: Kärcher

Care should be taken when cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces.

The Kärcher steam cleaner comparison 2018 on our page shows that certain surfaces should be handled with care. Parquet or laminate floor may swell if water gets into the fine cracks and does not dry. It is important to avoid puddling by drying the floor with a cloth (such as a microfiber cloth).

at moisture-sensitive textiles such as blankets and upholstery Molds may form if they are not vented after steaming. So make sure you have enough air.

Special Caution is with Mirrors and windows offered. Especially in winter, you should warm them before a steam treatment, so it is neither to cracks, nor cracks in the glass.

Mortal danger may exist if you use electrically operated devices with a steam cleaner. This canit comes to a short circuit!

4.3. The test result of Stiftung Warentest

Kärcher Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: steam

2007 test winner of Stiftung Warentest: the Kärcher SC 1402. Meanwhile, there are more recent models, you will find all in our table.

For the issue 04/2007 of the Stifung Warentest, steam cleaners from various manufacturers were tested in a total of five different categories. When The winner of the test was the model SC 1402 of the manufacturer Kärcher out.

Concerning the category "cleaning" the Kärcher 1402 convinces and is particularly suitable for countertops and sanitary areas. In addition, the instructions for use in the "handling" is praised by the testers.

In the category "safety" the scalding protection was rated as positive, which prevents that one gets injured due to the hot steam during the water refilling.

In the category "Environment and Health" Stiftung Warentest the detailed disposal recommendation is highlighted. In the "drop test", however, only the nozzle of the device could convince.

4.4. Which other brands and manufacturers also offer steam cleaners?

You pay for a Kärcher steam cleaner around 50 to 300 euros, If you would like to buy a steam cleaner at a low price, the Kärcher Steam Cleaner SC 1 or the Kärcher Steam Cleaner SC 2 are an inexpensive choice: Here you enter under 100 euros out.

For a top model with full equipment such as the SC 4 or SC 5 with an ironing set, you must use about 250 to 300 euros expected.

Notoriety in the field of steam cleaning can further Dirt Devil, clatronic and Cleanmaxx enjoy.

A selection other trademarks and manufacturers of steam cleaners are listed below:

  • Hoover
  • Botti
  • Domo
  • Philips
  • Bissell
  • Defort
  • Tristar
  • Glossy Ibis
  • Bomann

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