Kale in your own garden

One of the most popular types of cabbage is kale. This may be related to the notorious coal tours that are commonplace in northern Germany, the Netherlands and parts of Scandinavia in winter. But kale is more versatile than you think - it's even good for winter salad.

Kale: cabbage

The kale is also called winter cabbage because it only matures in winter and even needs frost to develop its full aroma. The vegetables are also otherwise rather robust and undemanding. It thrives on different soils, but best on loamy, nutrient-rich and sunny locations. In the garden it can be planted together with tomatoes, beans, spinach, radishes, cucumbers and salads, with onions and potatoes you should keep your distance.


Kale: frost

As with other types of cabbage, kale cultivation should take at least three years to avoid leaching and preventing disease. The plant is biennial and forms only leaves in the first year and in the second many yellow flowers. The cabbage is sown after the last frost, about mid-May, at a distance of about 40 centimeters. The bed is digged with compost a few weeks before sowing to enrich the soil with nutrients. Also during the growth phase should be fertilized regularly.

Harvest kale

The Kale is harvested three to five months after sowing, the leaves in the middle have the finest aroma, but you can use the whole plant. Although it always means kale needs frost to develop its full aroma, this is a superstition. The cabbage is said to convert its starch reserves into sugars due to the cold temperatures, resulting in a better flavor, but the kale in its ripened state contains hardly any starch that could be converted. you So you do not have to wait for frost, it only depends on the maturing time and on autumn temperatures. After five months of growth in October, the kale is definitely ripe for the saucepan. One should not wait too long, because with overripe cabbage sets a bitter taste.

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