Make carnival hats yourself

Instructions for fool caps, hats and helmets

Make carnival hats yourself: yourself

Sometimes enough a funny hat, to be dressed up for carnival.

The best known of course is the fool's cap, which many carnival club chairpersons wear. There are some sewing instructions for this - also for classic, medieval fool caps.

Sometimes it is enough simple hats with funny applications to decorate.

Indispensable for pirates and fine rococo ladies: The elegant tricorne, made of felt itself stick.

Otherwise, there are of course a variety of foolish headgear. We have at this point the most beautiful instructions collected.

Sew carnival hats and fool caps

Fool cap made of fleece
Illustrated sewing instructions for a fool's cap with a colorful check pattern made of fleece fabric.
at Alchymyst (English)

Clown costume: Narrenkappen motif
Template for a colorful Narrenkappen application, the z. B. can be used on a clown costume. Free template for download.
at Loewing Blog

fool's cap
Sewing instructions for a large fool's cap with three corners for a court jester costume for children. Pattern as PDF download.
at picture of the woman

Sew the fool's cap
Instructions for sewing a carnival fool's cap with free download of the pattern as PDF.
at Kölner Stadtanzeiger

Sewing instructions for a medieval cowl cap. Suitable as a fool's cap or for LARP.
at Tempus Vivit

Dreispitz (pirate hat, baroque hat)

Instructions for Cockroach (Cocked Hat)
Collected crafting instructions for tricorn paper or felt. With cutting templates for men's tricorne, women's tricorne, children's tricorne and baby tricorne printable. Detailed illustrated instructions.
at Pizza by the Slice

Tricorn from hat blank
In this guide, a round felt hat is formed into a tricorne and covered with appliqués.
at LarpWiki

Dreispitz make yourself
Crafting instructions for a ladies tricorne as from the movie "Marie Antoinette". Detailed sewing line with pictures and cutting templates.
at Närgilien

Black Gothic Tricorn
Illustrated instructions for a black men's tricorn felt.
in the dark side of life

Tricorn with pattern
Detailed instructions for a lush tricorne with feather ornaments for a Baroque costume. Material list, patterns and detailed illustrated instructions.
with soda and soda

Make funny carnival hats yourself

Carnival hat tinker with children
Crafting instructions for a funny carnival hat made of cardboard with plaited crepe paper braid.
at Bastelparadies

Funny hat for the carnival
Crafting instructions for a colorful carnival hat made of colorful motif cardboard.

Crazy Hatter Hat
Crafting instructions for the cylinder of the "Mad Hatter" from Alice in Wonderland. Cardboard, covered with fabric. Illustrated project description.
at Rotzi and Barchen

Funny cardboard cylinder
Illustrated crafting instructions for a cylinder made of corrugated cardboard with funny animal figurine applications.
at Wummelkiste

Mushroom Hat
Hat made of red cardboard with dots, wearing white clothes and shoes.
at Hoppsala

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