Building a cellar afterwards - in the garden

For old buildings with masonry foundations, the Nachbekellerung is often prohibited under building law, in modern homes with much effort possible. In order to keep the construction manageable and to comply with the law, the basement of the terrace and parts of the garden are suitable.

Statics and structure

If a basement is to be retrofitted under the building, the supporting structure of the house is the deciding factor. A specialized structural engineer must carry out the calculation of structural and structural requirements. In addition, the soil condition and the groundwater level play a role.

In general, the effort to build a cellar under a house is very large. Many construction companies do not offer the performance, the effort outweighs the benefits many times over. In addition, there is a high price intensity, which is disproportionate to the entire building.

Building a cellar afterwards - in the garden: garden

Under cellar and terrace

Anyone who wants to build a cellar later, is well advised to dodge the floor under the terrace and the garden. Basement construction enterprises offer the constructions in sophisticated form. Depending on the soil conditions and groundwater levels, gas concrete blocks, masonry variants and "white baths" are available.

The subsequent cellar construction set in a excavated area can rise up to a meter above the ground level. This allows the insertion of side windows or skylights. More usual, however, is the sinking of the cellar at floor level and the installation of upper windows or skylights. The cellar ceiling is planted and the light sources protrude from a lawn, for example.

Tips & Tricks

In addition to the high costs for the subsequently built under the house cellar is built on the construction time a large construction site load. Dirt, noise and inaccessible doors last up to several months of construction.

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