Kerch machines for garden use


Sweepers for garden use

Kerch machines for garden use: kerch

Not only on the streets sweepers ensure order. Also in the home garden the Garden tools in small format help to clear the paths of leaves and dirt.

Ambitious hobby gardeners have the choice between numerous variants such as For example, hand-held sweeping machines, double-wall sweepers or plate brush sweepers.

Also at the Drive variant, buyers have the choice so that the right model can be purchased for all purposes.

Generally one is private sweeper an expensive purchase, yet convinced the gardening tool through efficiency and functionality. Especially large surfaces can be processed so quickly and back-friendly

We'll tell you possible advantages and disadvantages of different Kerhmaschinen and give tips for the right application.

Which sweeper is the right one?

Everyone wants to keep their private home garden beautiful. This includes that every now and then paths or terraces have to be cleaned. But what you do formerly had to do with broom and shovel, you can do much faster and easier today with a hand-held or motorized sweeper.

The small sweepers for home use have experienced a veritable boom for several years, which has led to more and more models being launched for different purposes.

This should Every consumer will be able to find the right sweeper to find for his special wishes.

Sweepers you can through their various uses throughout the year over use: for dust sweeping, leaf sweeping and moss or snow removal.

For Different work requires the device a correspondingly lower or higher speed. The decisive factor here is the material as well as the brush stock, on which the quality and effectiveness of the cleaning performance depend.

Sweepers and their variety

Kerch machines for garden use: machines

Kärcher sweeper S 750

Just to sweep, there are already many different purpose-built devices that either pushed by hand, work by battery drive or driven by an internal combustion engine.

In addition, you can purchase many different brushes and attachments as an accessory. Be careful even before buying on additional attachments and options the corresponding sweeper.

at Hand sweepers will brush directly through the wheels driven. The debris, in turn, ends up in a container that can be easily emptied.

On the other hand, if the sweeper is motorized, it usually has one lying flat, rotating broom to do that can have different diameters and sweeping widths.

The roller can out Plastic or wire bristles exist and differ in density and the number of bristle rows.

Types of sweeper

Kerch machines for garden use: garden

Lawn sweeper and leaf collector

Hand Sweeper: These sweepers will be pushed and so alone by the power of the operator driven.

In the long term, this can be strenuous, considering that the Wheels of the sweeper at the same time the brushes drive. Hand sweepers are usually equipped with sweeping rollers or round brooms.

Einwalzenkehrmaschine: The dirt is in these sweeper models over a Round brush and rubber lip in the collecting container, which is usually located at the front end, added.

For single-roller sweepers you must note that the Size of the dirt that can be absorbed is limited by the size of the rubber lip becomes. Plastic cups and the like can often not be taken, but leaves and small branches without problems.

Double roll Sweeper: Although such a sweeper has no rubber lip, but two opposite sweeping rollers. This takes the First roll the dirt, which is then from the second roller into the collection container is transported.

The sweeping itself is done by a brush alone. Double roll sweepers work extremely accurately and effectively.

Disc brush Sweeper: Sweepers of this type have no sweeping roller, because the dirt is collected by two opposing disc brushes. Because the Plate brushes working deep on the ground, they can make the dirt almost dust-free into the collection container.

This also makes it easier to remove stubborn dirt and allow larger parts to be picked up. The plate brushes also work on the sides, creating a ensures clean work on the edges becomes.

Drive options and operating principle of a sweeper

At the Bucket principle can be swept both in the forward and in the backward movement become. Such a sweeper therefore has both front and rear a collecting container, the front is usually larger.

Over a Rubber lip is the collected dirt in the receptacle promoted. However, there may be problems picking up larger debris or bottles and cans.

With the overhead principle, the dirt is transported backwards via the brush and then thrown into the hopper. The Way for the dirt is with this principle, although longer, but it is possible Also sweep up larger parts well and avoid so many problems in advance.

You can choose between three various drive options: electric or gasoline engine as well as manual operation, For machines with a motor, you should always consider the operating costs for the power supply of the motors in addition to the initial costs.

Hand sweeping machines have no operating costs, but are not worthwhile for large areas, because the Working with such machines very sweaty can be, if you want to work with them too large an area. But to clean the local garden path, they are still sufficient.

Depending on the size and type of drive of the sweeper you can choose from Area output between 2,500 and 4,000 square meters per hour out.

Brushing a sweeper

Most commonly used are vertical rotary brushes for sweepers. But in order to get rid of dirt and dirt from corners and angles, the Turn side brooms horizontally, so they are often a bit slanted posed.

Brushes and brushes wear out and have to be replaced regularly to deliver flawless results to be able to.

The lifetime always depends on the handling of the user: With so the brushes and rollers should not work too muchso as not to wear them down too fast.

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