Children's Vehicles: Tricycle, Bobby Car, Impeller and Co.

Children are curious and always want to try something new and most of all, you always want to imitate the adults. After all, mom and dad also drive a car, bus or bicycle. Of course, the car driver's license is only at the age of 18, but there are still ways to satisfy the urge to move and the experimentation of your little ones: With slides, wheels, tricycles, Bobby Cars, scooters, Kettcars and electric cars you can start your children from the 12th. Month of life preparing for the right life. And by the way, you also promote the motor skills and the sense of balance of your children.

And where could your children learn to drive better than in their own garden or on their own terrace?

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Contents: From scooter to Kettcar

  • Rutscher: After the crawling phase
  • Childrens wheel: Training for the balance
  • Tricycle: coordination of pedaling, steering and braking
  • Bobby Car: The classic among the pedal cars
  • Bobby Car race
  • Video: Bobby Car race
  • Scooter for children: two-wheeled small vehicles
  • Children's vehicles: safety instructions

Rutscher: After the crawling phase

Rappers can be used immediately after the crawling phase and the first safe steps. This is usually the case from the 12th to the 15th month. Sliders support the development of the coordination of hands and arms (steering) and the muscles in the back and legs.

Childrens wheel: Training for the balance

Child wheels are suitable for children over 2 years old. Of course, this can not always be generalized: When your child is able to ride an impeller depends on many factors: Does your child already have a secure footing? Can it be safe? How tall is your child and how much does it weigh? In addition, the feet with the complete sole must touch the ground, but at the same time the legs must be bent to propel the wheel. All these are important factors that are best advised by the professional. The wheel prepares you for cycling.

Children's Vehicles: Tricycle, Bobby Car, Impeller and Co.: vehicles

Children's Vehicles: Tricycle, Bobby Car, Impeller and Co.: impeller

Test Winner: Impeller 'Speedy' with grade: good (2,5)

There are wheels made of wood, plastic or metal. The test winner of Stiftung Warentest is the Kettler Speedy wheel

Children's Vehicles: Tricycle, Bobby Car, Impeller and Co.: tricycle

, It costs 30 euros at and trains especially the sense of speed and the sense of balance. The height-adjustable seat is ideal for large families with multiple siblings. This way, the saddle can be easily adjusted individually.

The integrated diverter prevents bad injuries and the absence of brake blocking wheels. Also, make sure that your children always wear shoes when driving so that they do not injure their feet when braking.

Tricycle: coordination of pedaling, steering and braking

From the age of 3, your child can change from the wheel to the tricycle. Here, in addition to the already learned coordination of steering and pedaling, braking is added. Tricycles make children mobile and can handle smaller trips on their own. In case of sudden fatigue you can also use a height-adjustable push bar.

Tricycles are operated directly, which means that the power is transmitted directly to the wheels via the pedals without a chain.

Bobby Car: The classic among the pedal cars

The classic as a special model

Bobby car

The Bobby Car is a four-wheeled slide made of polyethylene. It is about 40 centimeters high and 60 centimeters long and has been produced in Germany since 1972. The Bobby Car has tires made of hard plastic or rubber, a steering wheel and is to support the children while learning to walk.

The first own car: This makes children's hearts beat faster. A paddle-like movement of the legs allows the children to move forward or backward. Bobby cars are also absolutely pollution-free and tipping and accident-proof.

Buy a Bobby Car

Children's Vehicles: Tricycle, Bobby Car, Impeller and Co.: children

online at for only 30 Euro. In addition to the red classic, BIG also produces the children's car in other designs: police cars, Helly Kitty Bobby cars, racing cars, Porsche or in Benz look.

Bobby Car race

Bobby Car race

Bobby Car race

Even adults can not resist the fast ride on a Bobby Car. That's why there are official Bobby Car races in many places. Here you are allowed to play great times. However, the height and width of the small car must not be changed. Otherwise: screws, tune and off to the slopes.

For the very hard-headed among the Bobby-Car fans also has the opportunity to install a real engine. So just under 2 hp and a maximum speed of up to 85 km / h can be achieved. The absolute world speed record is 112 km / h.

Scooter for children: two-wheeled small vehicles


Scooters consist of a handlebar with handlebars, 2 wheels and a floor-level footboard. Mostly they are made of wood, steel or aluminum. By the laziness and the training of the skill, the endurance and the balance the scooter driving optimally prepares for the later cycling.

With scooters you have to distinguish between the traditional scooter and the collapsible kickboard

Children's Vehicles: Tricycle, Bobby Car, Impeller and Co.: vehicles

, which is often used by adults today. Distinguish both variants through

  • different tires (big tires of the classic scooter are easier to move on grass, while small plastic wheels of the kickboard are good for asphalt)
  • the transport options (the kickboard can be folded easily and quickly, while the scooter usually has to be transported as a whole)

Both, however, have a height-adjustable handlebar and a foot brake. They are a beginner vehicle for children between 3 - 4 years and prepare a lot of fun. Standing upright and close to the ground, your child can play almost anywhere with the scooter.

Children's vehicles: safety instructions

Make sure that your children with the mini-vehicles are not on the Street drive. There they could be overlooked quickly and thus come to harm. It is also important that the little ones always have one crash helmet and Leg Wrap wear so as not to injure yourself when falling. Equally important is the wearing of shoes while driving so as not to injure the soles of the feet and toes.

Check the purchase when buying pollutant content of plastic and make sure that the vehicle TÜV, GS and CE is checked.

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