Kit for the conservatory - low prices

As with so many products, even with a kit for a conservatory at the top of the price table is wide open. But unheated conservatories are available as kits quite cheaply if the client builds them themselves.

Material choice for the kit

As kits for conservatories mostly wood or aluminum constructions are offered. In both variants, the prices of the kits start just over a thousand euros. Cheap prices for wood conservatories, offer manufacturers from Poland. At the top, there are no limits to the luxury variants.

Cost of the foundation

If the builder does the lifting of the base for the foundation itself, the floor slab costs him between 40 and 80 euros per square meter. The plate will be more expensive if a company completely takes over the filling and the excavation.

Double glazing in the kit costs more

Most low priced kits offer only simple glazing and are not intended for a heated conservatory. For some kits, however, the customer can choose whether he would like double glazing for a surcharge.

If you want to heat the winter garden, you must even choose the double glazing, otherwise it will not get a building permit.

simple aluminum winter garden as a kit for self-assembly

Cost overviewprice
1. Foundation for plugging200 EUR
2nd kit aluminum1,500 EUR
3. delivery200 EUR
total1,900 EUR

Wooden conservatory in the middle segment as a self-assembly kit

Cost overviewprice
1. complete floor plate about 25 square meters750 EUR
2nd kit wood5,600 EUR
3. delivery990 EUR
total7,340 EUR

Tips & Tricks

Even if a kit for the conservatory at a carpentry on site is usually much more expensive, the carpenter may eventually end up being the better and cheaper option, since the high delivery costs omitted.Anddem let the local craftsmen not only in the price, but also in the Assembly to talk with. Maybe there is a middle ground between a pure self-assembly and the installation by the professionals, which is more to you.

Video Board: Building a conservatory from a kit