Kitchen and Feng Shui - what should you pay attention to?

Feng Shui is an ancient harmony theory from the Asian area, which deals with the optimal design of living and living spaces. The goal is to use energy as positively as possible and not lose it. What tips there are for kitchen equipment and kitchen design, read here.

Kitchen as main room

The Feng Shui doctrine, which by the way has been used unchanged for many thousands of years, sees the kitchen as one of the main spaces of a living space. Here is prepared the food that supplies us - making it one of the really important places in the apartment. For the Asians, the room thus has a "transforming" effect: food is "transformed" from its crude original state into edible meals.

However, to ensure that the kitchen can optimally fulfill this function, its design must be considered accordingly. There are some basic rules that you can take advantage of.

Not with your back to the door

As in any other room, you should not do your work in the kitchen with your back to the door. This distracts and reduces the concentration. A kitchenette should therefore be planned so that it is not exactly opposite the kitchen door.

Fire Water Conflict

As practical as the juxtaposition of stove and sink may seem at first - the Feng Shui teaching does not like that. The direct juxtaposition of the opposing elements of fire and water is considered as disharmonious and "tense" - which in turn translates to the people in the kitchen.

Defuse edges

Round tables, rounded shelves, no "blocking" protruding corners and edges: this, too, is part of a good kitchen concept in Feng Shui. This avoids disturbances in the flow of energy and promotes harmony and communication in the kitchen.

color selection

Bright, subtle and friendly shades are preferred for the Feng Shui kitchen. Neutral colors are light shades of gray, white and cream. This also applies to the wall colors. You can set a splash of color as a contrast - but avoid too strong shades (especially strong red and blue). Houseplants and natural materials promote harmony when used sparingly.

Tips & Tricks

For the location of the kitchen applies: neither exactly in the center of the house, nor outsourced (such as in an annex). Both of these disturb the balance within the house.

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