Kitchen cabinet build yourself - you have these possibilities

If you would like to design your own kitchen according to your own wishes and build it yourself, you first have to face the problem of having to build base cabinets for your kitchen. What options there are, and what you need for it, read in this post.

Build classic kitchen cabinets yourself

If you want to build a kitchen yourself, which corresponds to a classic fitted kitchen, in most cases will have to spend a lot of effort. In addition to very good planning skills, a well-equipped workshop is required and appropriate expertise is required.

Where that is available, the self-construction of a classic kitchen is certainly possible. In most cases, you have to do the kitchen cabinets but rather easier ways to work.

Kitchen cabinets from shelving systems build

For the base cabinets of a home-style kitchen, you can certainly use a classic shelving system in the appropriate height.

Many shelving systems in the trade also have the opportunity to bring along doors and drawers. In this way, you can make your kitchen substructure with adjustable shelves, doors and drawers very flexible.

In many cases you will have to use two 30 cm shelves one after the other to reach the usual kitchen depth of 60 cm. A kitchen with a smaller depth of 50 cm (also a usual shelf depth) is theoretically possible, but would make the device installation impossible.

Install devices

A ceramic hob can be easily installed in the top of a shelving system. If the installation part is provided with a door, the part of the ceramic hob protruding under the slab and the fastening remain invisible from the outside anyway.

If the shelf system is to remain open, it will be necessary to attach a panel to hide the otherwise visible remaining parts.

Also, the installation of a sink is not a problem, here, just as in classic kitchen cabinets in a laid-up worktop a section can be made, in which the sink is then inserted.

For the installation of all other devices you only need to produce corresponding cutouts in the shelving system and to install shelves in the appropriate height as a pedestal.

Problems with shelving systems as a substructure

One possible problem with shelving systems can be the lack of stability. Especially the substructure of a kitchen must be very stable and be exactly in the balance. This is not always achievable with all finished shelving systems.

Wall mounting the shelving system can help in some cases. Stable shelves often come without this support.

Tips & Tricks

In addition, there is also the possibility to wall the base cabinets and to provide with interior facilities. This creates a rustic country kitchen with a very special flair for little money. Also, pallet construction is a way to build the kitchen itself.

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