Kitchen build in drywall - you should take note

Sometimes a kitchen is only separated by a drywall. This often causes problems when setting up the kitchen. How best to set up a kitchen on such walls, and what you should pay attention to in this article.

Problems with kitchens

Setting up the kitchenette usually causes no major problems. In order to produce the required connections in the drywall, sometimes additional measures are necessary (installation of additionally required pipes and pipes inside the drywall)

However, very problematic are the wall cabinets that are to be stably and securely attached to the drywall. The possibilities for this are described in the following section.

Attach wall cabinets to a drywall

Drywall can be made with different panels:

  • simply planked framework
  • double-planked framework (two plasterboard panels on top of each other)
  • OSB plates

On plasterboards, wall cabinets can not be secured sufficiently securely. One possibility would be to either attach the wall cabinets on the carrier itself, alternatively on a cross-mounted wooden slat, which is firmly bolted to the framework.

When attaching the wooden slat it is essential to ensure that it is anchored to the stud frame with sufficient fasteners so that it is really stable. The cabinets hung on the wooden slats can then be adjusted later so that they are a little less forward and no longer "apply".

Wooden slatted frame in the wall

In many cases, where it is already clear from the outset that a kitchen will later stand on the plasterboard wall, a fixed reinforcement made of wooden slats is usually installed at the height of the wall cabinets, to which the wall cabinets can then be screwed. In the case of dry farmers, something like this is also called "wall cabinet installation".

Reinforcement with OSB board

Under certain circumstances, a reinforcement can also be installed in the area where the wall cabinets are fastened - usually by an OSB panel. There attaching the wall cabinets with matching dowels is usually easy.

Tips & Tricks

Whenever you have the opportunity to set up a kitchenette on a solid wall, you should do that. If you are building a drywall yourself, make sure you have the necessary reinforcements or scaffolding at the right place.

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