Kitchen can be built - what that costs and why that is advantageous

If you buy a new kitchen, you should also build it if possible. Why this is usually the better solution is explained in this article. In addition, which prices you have to expect for a kitchen construction on average, and what price differences there are.

Advantages of building up

If you have a kitchen built, you can always assume that this is done professionally. This is important for several reasons:

  • a kitchen must be completely in the balance ("in the water"), because otherwise later also electrical appliances can not function properly
  • a kitchen must be connected correctly - this requires appropriate expertise (installer, electrician)
  • a kitchen must be adapted many times during installation (worktop, trim or trim panels, fitting in not very straight installation desks, etc.)
  • Upper cabinets must always be very stably fixed, and also be exactly in the balance (this is particularly important due to high weight loads after setting up)

Such work can still be done with good craftsmanship - in order to work professionally, you need above-average craftsmanship and skills.

Add to that the high amount of self-build time (detailed instructions on how to do this can be found in this post). In general, you will need much longer to build your own than the professional who installs kitchens every day. You have to expect twice or three times the time.

Cost of building a kitchen

The costs of setting up a kitchen can vary greatly. It depends on the provider. There are also differences, depending on whether an already delivered kitchen should be built, or whether a furniture store takes over delivery and construction.

The prices depend on the size of the kitchen. In many cases they are calculated "per running kitchen meter" - or at least stated. This makes possible, despite numerous line items, a fairly clear comparison option between the providers.

Guide price: In most cases you have to pay between 100 EUR and 200 EUR per meter.

Usual unit prices

powerPrice approx
Working hours mechanicabout 30 EUR - 70 EUR, depending on the company
Connection stovearound 40 EUR
Connection sinkaround 60 EUR
Driving Eventsvariable, but usually between 10 EUR and 30 EUR

For kitchens with delivery and installation at a flat rate, other price categories may apply. Always ask exactly what is included in the packages - and what may need to be paid extra. Individual, special services cause extra costs in some cases.

Tips & Tricks

Be critical of low cost kitchenware. An improper installation of the kitchen can cost you dearly in the end. The cost of repairing the faulty installation is sometimes even higher than for professional installation.

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