Build your own kitchen cabinet - is that possible?

Kitchens are an expensive purchase. In older kitchens, it may also happen that you still would like to have another closet, but you can not relate suitable. Whether you can basically build kitchen cabinets yourself, and where the difficulties lie, you will learn in this post.

Replica of a kitchen cabinet

In principle, it is possible to recreate a kitchen cabinet using an existing sample cabinet. However, it requires a lot of skill and a little knowledge of carpentry.

The easiest way is to copy a cabinet pattern. In this way you have all the required dimensions exactly at hand.

Difficulty in execution

On the one hand, it has to be worked very precisely, so that the kitchen cupboard fits exactly later and no gaps remain. In addition, it must be made so that the entire kitchen can actually stand in the balance later.

This is even more problematic if you only build a single cabinet and later fit into an already established kitchen.

For the wood joints and for very exact cuts professional tools are necessary accordingly (for example, a table saw).

Material for cabinet construction

For the construction of a cabinet you can easily use inexpensive chipboard. The material should only be sufficiently stable so as not to deform later and to ensure the required load-bearing capacity.

Interior for cabinets

Simple shelves to provide a kitchen cabinet with shelves are easy to install. If several drawers or a pharmacist extract in the cabinet you have to work very accurately, so that later all parts can be assembled accurately and without visible column.

wood protection

When making your own you can - depending on the material used - not waive a suitable wood protection. Especially against moisture, wood must always be adequately protected. For this purpose, in the kitchen only those paints are to be used, which are actually suitable for living spaces (usually solvent-free) and are released by the manufacturer for use in homes.


Building a kitchen front yourself is usually not very expensive, which works very well even with a self-made kitchen cabinet. It only becomes problematic if the front then later has to match the existing front of the already set up kitchen.

Tips & Tricks

As a rule, you can make life a lot easier if you simply use a used kitchen cabinet and equip it with a matching front, or then wrap the entire front uniformly.

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